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Come to the 50 mason august 5th to see EYE'Z at her birthday celebration! the show is Hosted by comic JAY RICH and performances by billy d smooth sgt will cuminer marilyn d'ho jackfrost Sandra Risser Chase Bank$ and gina ritter 8-11 pm get there early for a meet and greet sponsored by Skope magazine
  • 11 Jul 2012
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an interveiw with singer songwriter Eye'z
  • 9 Jun 2012
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  • 12 Apr 2012
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Eye'z Performing her Original song Levitating at the 50 mason social club in san fransisco ca in february
  • 23 Feb 2012
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  • 18 Feb 2012
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  • 1 Feb 2012
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Eye'z sings happy birthday to one of her fans
  • 18 Oct 2011
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  • 14 Aug 2011
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  • 14 Aug 2011
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a message to all of my fans all over the world from your truely... -Eye'z
  • 17 Jan 2010
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One time, out of the castle, I walked along a dirty beach beautiful and filled with long, i could feel it pullingme like a song... I closed my eyes and felt a drift closer in the middle of the ocean, with no dirt. by my self. Free. But by my self. I closed my eyes again then found him standing in royalty. With a crown that disapeared as we walked along the board walk. Happy Gay Vigorous and speechless. I drifeted away to gaze at the ocean. then all of the sudden EVERYTHING WENT BLANK!
  • 28 Aug 2009
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I was in love with him, and then i disapeared into the magickal waters, i fell and bumped my head, and then i swam and swam in beauty until i could finally find him. and when i did he was waiting day dreaming of our love bc he missed us waiting... with a dimond from my heart, we were back together stronger than ever. and a never ending love song till the end of time. im Dedicated to loving you forever, let the music go on.
  • 14 May 2009
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this is a video about how rapper young age and pop singer Eye'z met at the silk road lounge in oakland ca
  • 29 Apr 2008
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1st vid!
  • 29 Apr 2008
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