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Fanta Virtual Tennis is a 3D augmented reality game available for free from


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    Fanta Virtual Crew 01:03

    Fanta Virtual Crew

    by Fanta Games (12/24/08) 1,075 views (to download game for your mobile) Fanta Virtual Crew is a 3D augmented reality game. To play, go to and print out the Fanta Virtual Crew card. Next, from your phone, go to and download the Fanta Virtual Crew app. To play, run the app and look for the card through your phone's camera. The Crew will pop up and you will have Augmented Reality! PLAY ON!

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    Fanta Virtual Tennis 01:15

    Fanta Virtual Tennis

    by Fanta Games (12/4/08) 525 views

    Virtual Tennis is a 3D augmented reality game in which two phones connect via bluetooth before playing a game of tennis using a "court" printed from  To play, you and a friend each set your phone's browser to http:/, and download the free app.  Run it.  One player chooses "Start as server" and the other chooses "Connect to server."  You can also choose "Practice mode."  Use the phone's camera to look at the court you printed out-- and it turns into a tennis court and tennis ball!  Play anywhere!