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    Kettlebell Trainer Ausbildung 02:13

    Kettlebell Trainer Ausbildung

    by FitSquad (6/6/12) 10 views

    Kettlebell Trainer Ausbildungen werden bei der Personal Trainer Academy für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene. Die Kettlebell Ausbildung wurde von Rouven, einem der Inhaber der PTA sowie einem russischen Spezialisten für Girya Training erstellt. Besuche jetzt die Seite der Trainer Acaemy und buche dein Seminar,

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    Boot Camp München 03:39

    Boot Camp München

    by FitSquad (5/25/12) 34 views

    Booti Fit ist ein Boot Camp in München. Effektives Zirkeltraining ohne Drill aber sehr viel Spaß. Das Fitness Camp wird stetig dem Fitnesslevel der Teilnehmerinnen angepasst. Booti Fit ist abnehmen das Laune macht!

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    Fit Squad Bodyweight Core Training 01:11

    Fit Squad Bodyweight Core Training

    by FitSquad (6/30/09) 980 views

    Fit Squad brings you the 'side plank with a twist' , a great body weight exercise that targets the obliques, increases stability, and strengthens the shoulder girdle. This is an exercise that you can do at home, outdoors, in the gym - wherever you want. Fit Squad brings you more interesting and challenging exercises, just visit us at for more!

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    Stability Ball Tuck and Pike 01:26

    Stability Ball Tuck and Pike

    by FitSquad (12/3/08) 3,507 views

    Fit Squad presents the stability ball tuck and pike. This is an intermediate to advanced exercise that develops core strength, shoulder girdle strength, and balance. Develop a strong and defined stomach with this ab exercise and build a stronger, leaner shape. For more ab videos visit the Fit Squad Canada website.

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    Fit Squads Russian Twist Combo 01:45

    Fit Squads Russian Twist Combo

    by FitSquad (11/30/08) 2,607 views

    Fit Squad presents the Russian Twist Combo on a Stability Ball. This exercise isolates your core while challenging strength and stability. Lose inches on your stomach with this multi-speed combination exercise. Visit Fit Squad for more ab exercise video

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    Six Pack Abs Cardio Workout #1 by Fit Squad 02:51

    Six Pack Abs Cardio Workout #1 by Fit Squad

    by FitSquad (10/13/08) 2,017 views

    Fit Squad present a fat blasting circuit that challenges your cardiovascular system and burns top calories. Try this workout, (developed by one of Torontos top personal trainers) today and watch the pounds melt!

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    Six Pack Ab Secrets 02:36

    Six Pack Ab Secrets

    by FitSquad (10/2/08) 48,331 views

    View how to get a six pack. Receive more insider knowledge on our website. Visit Our Website, for More Free Videos.

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