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    Studio Beyond: a One-stop-shop for Movie Production 02:29

    Studio Beyond: a One-stop-shop for Movie Production

    by Force10 (5/8/09) 110 views

    Studio Beyond is the first online, one-stop-shop for movie productions. It brings together an unlimited supply of ideas, projects, talent, industry skills and funding in a single place. Our virtual studio provides a comprehensive sourcing platform for aspiring talent, professional film makers and industry executives in both TV and movie media. All in one place.Mission:To lift restrictions traditionally imposed on film makers and aspiring talent by providing a new way of movie-making and discovering new talent. Studio Beyond believes that creativity should not be hindered by barriers or connections, and that creativity understands only one language: self-expression. Studio Beyond is committed to become the most reliable source of quality online content and movie-making, as well as a star-making platform, by bringing film-making into the 21st Century. Studio Beyond was created to honor talent worldwide by opening the doors of the most closed-shop industry in the world: the film industry.

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    Heart and Soul 01:44

    Heart and Soul

    by Force10 (11/26/08) 402 views

    Taking the very real dilemma of working mums as an inspiration, comes the launch of Heart & Soul, an online soap opera targeted at working mothers, which will run weekly on new webTV channel and social networking site The show will explore the lives of four working mothers, touching upon important issues such as childcare, employment and education and, of course, shopping, fashion and friendship. The 10 minute episodes are also set to run on Bebo and YouTube and the site will have its own Facebook profile and group. The episodes on will also be supported by weekly blogs and video diaries from the characters, giving the community a more rounded view of the characters and the show.

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    Richard and Judy's New Postition

    Richard and Judy's New Postition

    by Force10 (10/24/08) 221 views

    The golden couple of television, Richard & Judy, have embarked on an exciting new era with the unveiling of Richard & Judys New Position, a fresh and original series now on Watch every weekday from 8pm. The husband and wife presenting duo, whos formidable on screen partnership spans an incredible two decades, take the helm on this five nights a week programme, starting at 8pm every weekday evening.

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    Horton Hears A Who - Thai Elephant Orchestra 02:26

    Horton Hears A Who - Thai Elephant Orchestra

    by Force10 (10/28/08) 3,228 views

    To celebrate the highly-anticipated release of Horton Hears a Who! on DVD and Blu-ray this week, the world-famous Thai Elephant Orchestra created a special song for their loveable cartoon counterpart entitled The Horton Symphony. Recorded at the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre in Lampang, Thailand, the song is already causing quite a stir from London to the Jungle of Nool...

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    The Peter Cushing Song 02:21

    The Peter Cushing Song

    by Force10 (9/12/08) 1,377 views

    Watch the animated version of the "Peter Cushing Lives in Whitstable Song" as featured on Stephen Fry and Alan Davies's Q.I. TV Show. This is to coincide with the release of their "C" Series DVD on Sept 1st

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    Jeremy Gilley and Jude Law Give Peace a Chance 02:04

    Jeremy Gilley and Jude Law Give Peace a Chance

    by Force10 (9/4/08) 519 views

    Current TV’s new season ‘Bloodshed and Brotherhood’ kicks off at 930pm on Saturday 20th September with a look at the world’s biggest conflicts and warfare hotspots. Sunday 21st September will celebrate Peace Day which is inspired by it’s creator, Jeremy Gilley and will cover various individual and community efforts to inspire world peace. Following his trip to Afghanistan with Jude Law, Current has an exclusive interview with the peace campaigner.

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    Ed Pukka Up PR 01:15

    Ed Pukka Up PR

    by Force10 (8/6/08) 313 views

    Lovable cheeky chappy Ed, the PR Manager for Pukka Up talks about his excitement at recruiting a 50-strong team of up-for-it PR’s! Intensive training followed by some chilled beers at Ithaca and the PR’s are ready for action at the beginning of what is sure to be, one busy summer. For more Pukka Up watch Ibiza 2008 every Thursday at 10pm on LIVING. For more info and behind the scenes gossip check out

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    Fashion (and Hunk) Watch

    Fashion (and Hunk) Watch

    by Force10 (8/11/08) 1,097 views

    Perhaps the most enviable of all summer jobs, this behind-the-scenes clip shows the Heat girls desperately trawling exclusive hotels in their search for trendy girls and hunky men to include in their summer Ibiza fashion feature as seen in episode 4 of the show. Catch more fashionista in Ibiza 2008 every Thursday at 10pm on LIVING. For more info and behind the scenes gossip check out

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    Duane Lineker Photo Shoot

    Duane Lineker Photo Shoot

    by Force10 (8/7/08) 2,984 views

    Popular character Duane looks at home posing for a series of press shots to advertise the show, with a bevy of beautiful girls in the recently-opened Linekers. His talents extend beyond simply posing as he is pictured making the perfect Sex on the Beach! Catch more of Duane in Ibiza 2008 every Thursday at 10pm on LIVING. For more info and behind the scenes gossip check out

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