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    Halloween Magic Trick Funny Pranks 01:47

    Halloween Magic Trick Funny Pranks

    by FreeMagic4u (9/28/12) 4,973 views Ghost cloth is a spooky easy to do Halloween trick that is fun to perform in a pub, bar or restaurant. You just have to love funny pranks and this illusion will scare anyone this Halloween :-)

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    Dynamo Revealed: Fire Coin Trick 01:16

    Dynamo Revealed: Fire Coin Trick

    by FreeMagic4u (8/29/12) 7,611 views Learn how to make a coin appear with a flash of fire! A cool fire coin trick. "Flash String" can be purchased from any good local or online magic shop. *ADULT MAGIC TRICK*

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    Jump Magic IPhone App Game 01:12

    Jump Magic IPhone App Game

    by FreeMagic4u (7/30/12) 2,020 views WATCH OUT! The Evil Bunny is after you! Run, jump, fly and power-up your way to get the Top Score, just beware of the Evil Bunny! is pleased to bring it's FIRST iOS game to the App Store. Available to download SOON for iPhone and iPad - FREE!

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    Bunny Run IPhone Game •

    Bunny Run IPhone Game •

    by FreeMagic4u (6/7/12) 1,005 views NEWS FLASH: The Evil Bunny has escaped & is on the rampage. Arguably the hardest game on iPhone, how far will you get? presents our first iPhone game Bunny Run coming soon.

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    Coin Vanish COMPETITION!

    Coin Vanish COMPETITION!

    by FreeMagic4u (4/27/12) 8,651 views Right lets have some fun... COMPETITION TIME! 1. Post a video response to this video SHOWING how you think the tricks done (comment tutorials not accepted - video only). 2. You must include a link to in your description text to qualify. The first person to get the method correct (or the closest wins). 3. WINNER receives my Magic Trick CD and ELITE Membership Status on my site. 4. Get filming and uploading! :-)

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    Card Magic Tricks - Easy Force 01:32

    Card Magic Tricks - Easy Force

    by FreeMagic4u (3/29/12) 5,055 views Card magic tricks are fun to perform especially an easy one like this. Learn how to reveal a spectators card in an unusual way. For more card magic tricks and sleights visit check out my Channel or visit

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