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    Rewind: Spuffy 04:14

    Rewind: Spuffy

    by GGIce17 (9/2/11) 72 views

    A Spuffy vid from Spike's pov. Mostly set in season 6 with a couple dashes of season 7 towards the end. Warning, a lot of clips from Seeing Red. This vid did not take very long to complete, in the way of adding all the clips to where I wanted them. However, for some reason, it was still a tough vid to let go of, and even now as I send it out into the world (so to speak) I still feel like a little something is missing from it. Despite a couple of rehashings that I've done to it over the past couple of days. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the vid :) Despite whatever flaws it may have.

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    Breathe Me: Willow 05:05

    Breathe Me: Willow

    by GGIce17 (6/15/11) 38 views

    A Willow vid that mainly focuses on Willow in season 6. During a time period when she felt completely alone and her obsession with magic was consuming her, and in the process, destroying her life.

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    This Night: Tess 03:23

    This Night: Tess

    by GGIce17 (6/6/11) 14 views

    I never thought I'd finish this vid. It seemed to take forever to edit. But I'm very proud of it and I hope you enjoy. It's simply a vid about Tess Mercer of Smallville and her quest for forgiveness and redemption after all the bad things she had done.

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    Walk By: Tara 03:55

    Walk By: Tara

    by GGIce17 (3/11/11) 53 views

    Made for the Outside the Norm Challenge at The Chosen One Awards. This video was...very frustrating to make to say this least. I can't tell you how many times I played around with all the clips, the effects, just everything. This was not an easy vid for me at all, but I think the final (there were many bombed results) result turned out okay, I hope.

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