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Videos from the library of fitness and green living DVDs.


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    Zen Alarm Clock Chime

    Zen Alarm Clock Chime

    by Gaiam (6/23/10) 183 views

    A demonstration video showing the Digital Zen Alarm Clock and Meditation Timer in operation. This video shows the meditation timer in use counting down from ten seconds. For more info see

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    Peter Russel Discusses Meditation 02:18

    Peter Russel Discusses Meditation

    by Gaiam (4/19/10) 49 views

    Author, speaker, futurist and philospher Peter Russell talks about the importance of meditation in today's busy world. See more meditation videos at .

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    Yoga for Energy - Rodney Yee 03:30

    Yoga for Energy - Rodney Yee

    by Gaiam (2/2/09) 849 views

    Follow Rodney Yee as he guides you through a refreshing routine that restores energy throughout every part of your body. Learn more at

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    Vinyasa Flow Yoga - Session II 04:55

    Vinyasa Flow Yoga - Session II

    by Gaiam (2/2/09) 1,591 views

    Seane Corn guides you through an intimate, one-on-one yoga routine. Learn more at

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    5 Minute Yoga Routine with Mariel Hemingway 04:13

    5 Minute Yoga Routine with Mariel Hemingway

    by Gaiam (2/2/09) 2,949 views

    Perfect before work or before class, Mariel Hemingway guides you through an energizing and refreshing 5-minute routine to help you start your day right. Learn more at

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    Tai Chi - Beginner's Practice 03:16

    Tai Chi - Beginner's Practice

    by Gaiam (2/2/09) 863 views

    Learn the principles of T'ai Chi practice with Champion and Master David-Dorian Ross. Explore each move confidently as you expand balance and intuition. Learn more at

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    Balance Ball - Beginner Exercises 04:57

    Balance Ball - Beginner Exercises

    by Gaiam (2/2/09) 434 views

    Using a balance ball, learn how to do basic exercises to build strength and flexibility. Learn more at

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    Gaiam - Ashtanga Yoga DVD Set 04:29

    Gaiam - Ashtanga Yoga DVD Set

    by Gaiam (2/2/09) 1,057 views

    Experience high-energy Ashtanga that sculpts lean muscle, increases your heart rate and detoxes your body; and reach greater inner peace and personal strength. Learn more at

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    Gaiam Pilates Powerhouse Collection 04:17

    Gaiam Pilates Powerhouse Collection

    by Gaiam (2/2/09) 671 views

    From breathing to toning and cardio exercises, enjoy a variety of clips from the Gaiam Pilates DVD collection. Learn more at

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    Qigong: Chinese Healing and Energy Art 03:21

    Qigong: Chinese Healing and Energy Art

    by Gaiam (2/2/09) 1,005 views

    Stimulate your energy flow, strengthen your health and reduce stress with Qigong, a gentle energy practice that involves flowing movement and breathing techniques. Learn more at

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