Garage World Inc

Garage World Inc

Climb a mountain, ride a roller coaster, relive history, and brave a gunfight. Welcome to GarageWorld.


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    Kingda Ka K'nex Coaster 01:20

    Kingda Ka K'nex Coaster

    by Garage World Inc (3/2/09) 953 views

    This was our first movie that spawned our name. Garage World. We built this 9.5 foot k'nex coaster in our garage and really without this video, we wouldn't have wanted to shoot a video for our school project.

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    The Brotherhood 03:42

    The Brotherhood

    by Garage World Inc (3/2/09) 174 views

    The story of a brother with a dark past. He looks to brighten his future and uncover answers by taking action against the enemy. The unexpected will happen in the first short film of The Brotherhood Trilogy.

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    George Washington Project 06:21

    George Washington Project

    by Garage World Inc (3/1/09) 100 views

    This was the first video we made as a project for school. The interview had enough information for a good grade but we added action, comedy, and bloopers to make the video better. Our first video came out better than expected seeing as we didn't have much to work with. Enjoy.