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    Alligator Picnic / Watermelon Smash!

    Alligator Picnic / Watermelon Smash!

    by Gator Adventure Prod (5/30/09) 188,524 views In honor of Memorial day we decided to provide the alligators with a summer feast of watermelon, and yes we know alligators don't normally eat watermelon... this is called enrichment. Enrichment is a way we can provide our animals with mental and physical stimulation. We do this to tempt the natural inquisitiveness of animals in our care and relieve the regularity and boredom that readily available food, shelter and safety provide. The goal of enrichment is to increase activity and stimulation levels in the captive environment. This may stimulate natural behaviors, increase activity, decrease stereotypical behavior and generally enhance the animals well being. To learn more about Reptile enrichment check out Some observations we made from this enrichment session were; the alligators seemed to enjoy crunching up the melon. Some of them consumed all of it but most of them spit out the rind. They all ingested the pulp of the melon and Doofy (the large alligator) got the added bonus of crushing it. To learn more about shows, conservation efforts, our animals, or just see more cool stuff check out our website and be our friend on Myspace

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    Alligator Training 03:12

    Alligator Training

    by Gator Adventure Prod (5/26/09) 1,783 views

    Desensitization training in an American alligator for medical purposes. We do all kinds of training and enrichment with our alligators. Many people don't realize that alligators are "Trainable" but they are, just like any animal. Training in itself is a great form of enrichment, it also improves quality of our shows, safety of our handlers and animals, and in general makes working with these animals more enjoyable and less stressful for both keepers and alligators. To learn more about reptile training visit to learn more about our shows, animals or just to see more cool stuff visit Let the adventure Begin!

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    Swimming with Alligators 02:11

    Swimming with Alligators

    by Gator Adventure Prod (5/24/09) 4,048 views

    Gator handling was a popular attraction in the 1950s drawing audiences from across the globe. Whats old is new again as Gator Adventure Productions brings back old Florida, but with a twist. This is not your Grandpas gator show! Alligator conservation is the theme of each performance with unequaled theatrics and drama. Gator Adventure Productions is ready to bring this one of a kind attraction to you!!!! We supply the alligators, professional actors, handlers, permits, insurance, but most of all we bring entertainment and a show like no one else! GATOR ADVENTURE PRODUCTIONS is a one of a kind company that can open your eyes to the amazing world of crocodilians. We do alligator shows all over Florida! From hatching alligators to 13 foot bull gators and everything in between! We bring gators to you! Want an alligator wrestling show at your next party or place of business? Or maybe have an alligator show in your pool and astound your party guests! How about and underwater gator show at your theme park? Have your guest touch and feel a real live alligator! Want your customers to remember their experience forever and keep coming back? We can cater an alligator based show to any theme or event! Corporate events, conventions, private parties, theme park shows, television, film! Plan your next adventure at Visit our myspace page at

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    Alligator Academy 02:50

    Alligator Academy

    by Gator Adventure Prod (5/24/09) 687 views

    Get teamed up for one afternoon with one of our world champion alligator handlers and learn what the pros know. This course grants you access to restricted areas to get up close and personal to alligators of all sizes. Go through our hands on wrestling class and learn how to safely handle alligators. The course also includes an alligator feeding and photos of your amazing experience. In this course you will learn, handling techniques of the American Alligator that are safe for the animal and the trainer, history or alligator wrestling and its terminology, alligator behavior and anatomy, and the importance of alligators and crocodiles in the eco-system and conservation efforts. Enroll Today! Http://