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    Dreamzap Vs Freeze Cracker 01:09

    Dreamzap Vs Freeze Cracker

    by Geoff Mendicino (4/23/09) 367 views

    dreamzap will take on the troll nations #1 site freeze cracker ... freeze cracker vs dreamzap dztv networks sucks trolls elborracho86 dark_lcp project dark produtions sam the geek

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    Left 4 Dead - Xbox 360 Campaign MODS with Tutorial + MOD TOOLS - 720p HD 05:37

    Left 4 Dead - Xbox 360 Campaign MODS with Tutorial + MOD TOOLS - 720p HD

    by Geoff Mendicino (12/11/08) 9,831 views

    Click on "watch in HD" link found on the bottom right of the video next to the volume controls or use the link below to watch the video in HD: CLICK HERE: Link opens a new window so pause video). ___________ Various MODS in the XBOX 360 video game Left 4 Dead in Campaign mode. Check out our other video where we do these mods in Multiplayer Versus Mode: CLICK HERE: need the following, 1. XBOX 360 Memory Card or Hard Drive. 2. Transfer Cable. (Can be purchased at any Gaming Related Retailer. Such products include the DATEL/INTEC Xbox 360 Transfer Kit for memory cards and the XSata for harddrives. 3. Mod Tools Software with a Windows PC. Download the Left 4 Dead Mod Tools software here: CLICK HERE: Includes: Left4DeadModTool.exe, a Resigner, and Xplorer360. Comes with complete instructions. WHAT CONTROLS CAN YOU MOD? You can reprogram the Left and Right Bumper (LB / RB), the Left and Right Analog Stick, the Back button, and the Up, Down and Right on the D-pad. WHAT EFFECTS CAN YOU CAN MOD? You can leave the button as Default, No Action, Crouch, Delete, Drop Active Molotov and Pipebomb, Fly, and Give the following; Ammo, Autoshotgun, First Aid, Gas Can, Health, Molotov, Oxygen Tank, Pain Pills, Pipebomb, Pistol, Propane Tank, Pumpshotgun, Rifle, SMG, and the Sniper. You also have the GOD Mode which makes you invincible and only works in Single Player along with the Inifnite Ammo. You can also re-program in a Jump, Lookspin, Melee, Reload, and Shoot. As well, you can spawn a Boomer, Common (regular zombie), Hunter, Smoker, Tank, and a Witch. You can also start and stop the AI BOTS, switch weapons, talk, switch between first and first person, use the flashlight and the zoom on your weapon. There is an almost infinite number of combinations that can be programmed! Special thanks to III BRAN III and III CORBMAN III from GameTuts for coming up with and providing this mod tool kit package and easy instructions. PHT has also added instructions on how to initially setup your Windows PC to recognize the transfer cable, specifically the one from DATEL/INTEC. All of this can be found in the Tutorial file in the Mod Tools Kit package. Excellent work GameTuts! You can check out GameTuts on their Youtube channel found here: CLICK HERE: TO USE THESE MODS POST PATCH: Valve has made a server side patch along with an upcoming Title Update, to prevent the use of this MODDED setup. In order to continue using these MODS, you'll have to remove the Title Update (if present) and play offline, and/or System Link with another console that has also removed the Title Update. You'll also have to play disconnected from XBOX LIVE, so as not to initiate an automatic Title Update (if available). There are also two other methods for playing over Xbox Live that bypass the server side patch: 1. Once in a game lobby START the game by pressing "A" and then keep tapping "A" to START and STOP the match. The screen will say "Searching for a Dedicated Server", but when it changes to a countdown of "5...4...", STOP pressing the "A" button and let the game START. You have now bypassed the Dedicated Servers and are now hosting your own game over Xbox Live. 2. Using a Windows computer and ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) and a Firewall or IP blocking program, you can BLOCK access to the Dedicated Servers so that you can only find and join User Hosted Servers. Most of the time these servers are hosted by other Modders, so you can MOD the MODDERS and help out the other people in the game. You can test and determine what IP Ranges are the Dedicated Servers with a network traffic monitoring program. Visit our web site and sign up to get FREE XBOX LIVE CARDS, MARKETPLACE POINTS, and ACCESSORIES: CLICK HERE:

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    The ItsMOM Show: Episode 1 09:44

    The ItsMOM Show: Episode 1

    by Geoff Mendicino (11/7/08) 320 views

    Well, I told a few friends I was going to do this, and my mom just had it dead-set in her mind that she was going to do it. So, straight from my living room to your computer screen, here's The ItsMOM Show! XD

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