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    Get Rich Quick Schemes- Fast $30 (Episode 1) 02:18

    Get Rich Quick Schemes- Fast $30 (Episode 1)

    by Get Rich Quick (10/23/11) 37 views

    Happily recieved check 10/22/11 Sat. Morning* working on next video. FAQ - ***What is this? This website is a "Get Paid To" or GPT site, and what that means is You can GPT signup for other website memberships. ***What cashouts are available & when? Paypal/Check/Direct Deposit. Paypal accounts need tobe verified* All money is shipped out on the 20th of every month. Checks arrive within 1-3 Business Days or b4 the next monday its due. & I Don't Have DD. ***What if I already have these subscriptions: Netflix, BlockBuster, etc? Oh, well, you're F%$#ed. Need to be a 1st time subscriber, so you can use their free trials. After you get paid, cancel all subscriptions. Also enjoy your subscriptions b4 you cancel them. ***You didn't have $30 on the video...WTF? Yes bcuz I was just as skeptical as you are now, and wouldn't believe I can get paid for this, so I rushed to cashout...But to get extra $3 just go to the forum there and make posts to get a bonus. Thanks 4 Viewing.