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    Look Around 04:23

    Look Around

    by Ghis1964 (3/27/08) 749 views

    Many people realize that this mystifying situation, in which an alleged democratic and self-governing nation is actually controlled against the will of the people. Once identified, there appears to be a clear indication that there exists a very powerful and occult organization which plans and directs world affairs.

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    For Whom the Bell Will Toll 06:26

    For Whom the Bell Will Toll

    by Ghis1964 (3/13/08) 5,019 views

    911 Truth, Aids, Alex Jones, Aliens, All Videos, AncientKnowledge, Astrology, Atlantis, Banking, Biblical Information, Chemical/Biological Weapons, Corporate Fascism, Corporate Lies, CovertOperations, David Icke, Discoveries, Documentaries, Entheogenic Plants, Fake Drug War, FederalReserve, Foreign Politricks, Free Energy, Genetics, Government Lies, Health Hazzards, Illuminati, Interviews, JFK, Media Distorition, MedicalScience, Metaphysics, MichaelTsarion, Mind Control, MonoatomicGold, Natural Healing/Medicine, Nephilim, New World Order, Occult, Pharma, Police Brutality, Police State, Politricks, Population Control, Psychedelics, Psyops, QuantumPhysics, science, Secret Societies, Silent War, SpiritualHealing, spirituality, Suppressed Discoveries Technology,Terrorism, Third World Cultures, UFO, Unexplained, Viruses, War,Agenda, Weapons Used Against Civilians

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    Reality of Sensory World (PART 1 of 3) 03:44

    Reality of Sensory World (PART 1 of 3)

    by Ghis1964 (2/29/08) 684 views

    DID YOU KNOW THAT YOUR EYES CAN'T SEE? Not only your eyes don't "see", you (nor any entity in the universe) has ever seen or experienced the Real World. Ashoi explains simply, in a stepwise systematic manner,the reality of the world a human being (you) experiences through his/her various sensory perceptions. What you experience at any given moment, for instance at this moment, is not the real world, rather it is but a virtual-reality sensory display mechanism comprising consciousness generated and manifested by your own brain-mind system. Hence, you do not actually experience the world (the real world, which is the only world there can be) as such. You experience only a sensory presentation, which comprises your own mind in the Mind Dimension.

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    Quantum Mechanics - Indirect Observation 06:21

    Quantum Mechanics - Indirect Observation

    by Ghis1964 (2/29/08) 7,516 views

    Unable to see the details of an atom, physicists had to base their understanding of atomic structure solely on experimentation and indirect observation. This video segment, adapted from A Science Odyssey describes some of the thinking and theorizing that contributed to our present-day atomic model.

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    David Icke Freedom To Fascism Pt 3 05:39

    David Icke Freedom To Fascism Pt 3

    by Ghis1964 (2/12/08) 1,281 views

    On the 6 May 2006, before a gripped audience of over 2000 people at London's famous Brixton Academy, David Icke pulled together over fifteen years of painstaking research and determined investigation into The Global Elite, The Shadow Government, The Global Conspiracy and the monumentous "sting" perpetrated on a cosmically and spiritually asleep human race. He reveals who, how and more importantly why we are controlled, manipulated and trapped in the five sense illusion of "reality" that we manifest as our everyday experience. Discover: * Who controls us and their history * How they do it without being seen * Why they do it and what they take from us * How much worse they intend to make it * How to break free from their control.

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