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    Have Sword,Will Travel..PAGE FIVE

    Have Sword,Will Travel..PAGE FIVE

    by Haveswordwilltravel (3/9/08) 231 views

    While on another assignment to find the M-12 Jamming Device, Agent Storm gets his orders to displace to the year 1657 and finds out Talon's true identity Col. John Titor. Starring: Vernon G. Wells, Bobby Lento, Kimberly Estrada, Tiffany Goltz and Thomas McKenna.

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    Have Sword,Will Travel 09:01

    Have Sword,Will Travel

    by Haveswordwilltravel (1/2/08) 522 views

    The Calling..PAGE THREE..Kazan and partner Celestia displace to the year 1657 with their Emergency Boost before Slyer's men can catch them. Starring: Vernon Wells,Bobby Lento, Kimberly Estrada, Cameron McCormick,Tiffany Goltz and Vincent Angelo. Music by MAXINE.

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    Have Sword, Will Travel 02:56

    Have Sword, Will Travel

    by Haveswordwilltravel (5/21/07) 1,508 views

    Action Adventure Series Through Time: Segments of episode 6 " What Happens on Earth, Stays on Earth" Talon and our heros go back in time and go undercover as performers to capture and relocate more of Slayer's goons..Fun Video! Starring: Vernon Wells, Bobby Lento, Theresa Holly, Dina Rosenmeier and Vincent Angelo. Guest Stars: Molly Clancy and Archie Lee Simson.