Good-bye Joe Productions

Good-bye Joe Productions

Here are a few of our favorite videos that we've produced over the last few years. Hope you enjoy them!!!


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    Jeep Breakage 09:54

    Jeep Breakage

    by GoodbyeJoe (4/24/08) 1,162 views

    We were out at Allwheels when we met a guy in an XJ with a bad starter. what started out as a bad starter turned into a bent/broken control arm and relocated bumper. They used the winch to hold the front axle in place controlling the broken jeep's decend down big daddy. which is a long rocky (or stumpy) incline. sorry im missing a tape that had more detail of the damage. but ill try to explain what happened to the jeep from the begining. he had a starter issue. so they were gonna give him a little tug to get him going down the hill. unfortunatly i think he had it in 4 low then he tried to start it. so the force of the bump start broke the pass side upper control arm bolt (at the axle). if fact we never found it! When that broke the ds upper control arm bent and broke. at this point the guy used his front winch to pull/hold his axle in place while he rolled down the hill. despite the fact chris offered to drive him to the hardware store and fix it on the hill. side note the jeep started when it broke, but i think he had to shut it off. soooo with the axle in place he starts rolling down the hill again, thats when the axle folded under and took the bumper and steering with it. at that point chris pulled the jeep up on to the back of thier truck. he had thier rear winch around the front axle so it pulled the axle into place and the jeep could be rolled down the rest of the hill. they then led it down the hill. this is actually a 2 hour event but i had to cut it down to 10 minutes to fit on youtube, all and all i was interesting to watch. This is the first time i got to see Dave use thier truck as a tow truck. it worked surprisingly well

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    Veterans Rememberance - Roger L. Munroe 07:37

    Veterans Rememberance - Roger L. Munroe

    by GoodbyeJoe (4/24/08) 68 views

    A clip from a series I produce for Newmarket Access TV in the town of Newmarket, NH. In this clip we honor WWII Navy Veteran Rogewr L. Munroe who was unable to appear in studio. The program is taped bi-weekly in Town Council chambers and later aired 2 weeks later following post-production titles and photos. This has been a labour of love for both myself and the Newmarket Veterans Trust Committee. Please enjoy!!!

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    A Neat Drill 01:07

    A Neat Drill

    by GoodbyeJoe (10/11/07) 1,667 views

    This is video i shot of one of the artisans using an old skool drill at the Newmarket Heritage Festival in Newmarket, NH

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    Cheswell Graveyard Walkthrough 02:31

    Cheswell Graveyard Walkthrough

    by GoodbyeJoe (10/8/07) 1,797 views

    This is a video of a walkthrough of the old Cheswell Graveyard on South Main St in Newmarket, NH. Among the headstones is the grave of Wentworth Cheswell an African-American who devoted his life to public service in the town of Newmarket and is among it's founding fathers. The restoration of this historic graveyard is thanks to the efforts of Richard Alperin a local historian and president of the Newmarket Historical Society.

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    Fishbox Derby Crash 05:51

    Fishbox Derby Crash

    by GoodbyeJoe (11/1/07) 794 views

    This is a clip from my coverage of the 2007 Gloucester Fishbox Derby and shown on Cape Ann TV. Throughout the afternoon the tool that was announcing the runs kept yelling at people and made the whole thing kinda miserable to tape. In this clip you can see how his attitude contributed to the crash you are about to witness. Notice the distraction he caused the kid in lane 2 prior to the beginning of the run.

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    Funez Multi-Services Demo Ad 01:26

    Funez Multi-Services Demo Ad

    by GoodbyeJoe (9/7/07) 456 views

    This is an ad we produced for a local legal professional in Lynn,MA This spot is half in Spanish and half in English. Mr. Funez's office was next door to another client we were working with and he seemed like a nice enough guy so decided to film his bisuiness too.

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    One Off 4X4 01:17

    One Off 4X4

    by GoodbyeJoe (9/18/07) 534 views

    This is promotional video we shot for our friend's new custom fabrication business. They can be contacted at

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    Freightliner Spachula 03:20

    Freightliner Spachula

    by GoodbyeJoe (9/6/07) 1,010 views

    Every find yourself grilling and you don't have a spachula? Well why not be like Chris and Dave just make your own? All you need is a stainless steel mudflap and a plasma cutter. Oh and probably a few hits from the bong before your friends shop up with their video camera.

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    Ford Powerstroke Diesel Oil Change 08:16

    Ford Powerstroke Diesel Oil Change

    by GoodbyeJoe (8/27/07) 27,497 views

    This is a "How To" segment filmed for our forthcoming pilot of "Real Life 4X4." In this clip Chris Ryan and Dave Whitman perform an oil change on their Ford F-350 Powerstroke Diesel in their basement garage. We were in total shock to find out how much oil this bad boy needs. - Enjoy!!!

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