Guavateam's Channel

Guavateam's Channel

These are some of our videos that we took and edited by ourselves. l l l l l l l l l l v


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    Guava Joose Gone Wild 05:05

    Guava Joose Gone Wild

    by Guavateam (11/23/08) 967 views

    Well I was originally doing a video about Banana painting a picture and then realized it was really weird so I decided to takes some clips from previous movies I've filmed and take the weird clips and put them in the movie. So please enjoy this Gone Wild movie. For more Videos go to: or I will go to your house. Just Kidding.

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    Chicken Hunt 02:02

    Chicken Hunt

    by Guavateam (11/15/08) 419 views

    While doing the 11th show of Guava Joose, Banana gets turned into a chicken to see if the magic remote is still working. Now its all up to finding the chicken as it disapears and sings dramatic tunes.

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    Shmudadingdong 03:49


    by Guavateam (10/26/08) 275 views

    Peanut's cat (Shmudadingdong) in a series of videos with Siralling by Keane jamming out of the speakers. For more videos go to

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    Simba Loses His Dignity 02:57

    Simba Loses His Dignity

    by Guavateam (10/25/08) 541 views

    Peanut and Banana steal our male dog Simba's dignity by painting his nails. If Simba were a a real human, he probably would have protested.

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    10th Guavasode Spectacular 04:01

    10th Guavasode Spectacular

    by Guavateam (10/19/08) 243 views

    Peanut and Banana do a series of weird stuff to celebrate our 10th guavasode. This stuff would include carving eggplants, singing we are the champions and blowing up a special thing!!!1!