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    Silenced Potato Cannon 07:36

    Silenced Potato Cannon

    by HM-Innovations (8/30/10) 143 views

    Hey guys welcome back to HM-Innovations we finally finished this silencer and got it to work for our potato cannon, we hope yall enjoy this video and keep in touch and come back for our next one. you can always visit us at for additional videos and help

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    Jar Clock 03:42

    Jar Clock

    by HM-Innovations (8/30/10) 24 views

    Hey Guys we hope ya'll enjoy our rendition of the Clock in a Jar, a design made famous by Oren Hetzroni an Art Student from Jerusalem trying to depict his memories from trapping insects in a jar and replicating them by "catching Time in a Jar" this is an easy project that adds a good decoration to any room and is definitely a cool looking aesthetic to a room. We hope to have the instructable ready to go as soon as possible. and visit out website at

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    Home Made Hookah 03:49

    Home Made Hookah

    by HM-Innovations (4/14/10) 836 views

    HM-Innovations : home made hookah, we teach you how to make a great looking home made hookah, we hope you enjoy this video and visit our site at

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    HM-Innovations: Real Camera Taser 05:14

    HM-Innovations: Real Camera Taser

    by HM-Innovations (2/21/10) 265 views

    The other camera shockers found online that claim to be "tasers" actually burn your skin using the capacitor. Our version actually shocks your body using 1300 v. of energy using a 9v. battery. We hope you enjoy this video and subscribe to our channel. IF you have any questions or are looking for help, visit our website at

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    HM-Innovations: 555 Mind Mangler 02:23

    HM-Innovations: 555 Mind Mangler

    by HM-Innovations (2/7/10) 365 views

    we made an annoyatron version of the think geek annoyatron. using a 555 timer chip we were able to create a small device that emits a high pitch humming sound that makes it almost impossible to find and detect.

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    Arturo's Fall

    Arturo's Fall

    by HM-Innovations (1/28/10) 164 views

    Our roomate was trying to climb up a tree and show off, unfortunately he failed as the rope gave in on him. and luckly we got it on film! cellphone but it's still on video!

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