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    Sky Chase Zone On Mario Paint Composer 01:49

    Sky Chase Zone On Mario Paint Composer

    by HartJayne2432 (11/23/10) 31 views

    Download Link File: http://file-free.com/Josephine295/Chase This is personally my favorite zone theme from Sonic the Hedgehog2. So peaceful and tranquil. To reproduce that in Mario Paint, I used a combination of shyguy and car symbols, and later the pirhana plants. I never knew why, but after the first rep, the music changed slightly. That doesn't make sense, but whatever. The song came out good. I'm really proud of this one.

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    Final Fantasy IV - Illusionary World on Mario Paint Composer 01:27

    Final Fantasy IV - Illusionary World on Mario Paint Composer

    by HartJayne2432 (11/23/10) 34 views

    Download Link File: http://file-free.com/Josephine297/Illusionary This is Illusionary World (also known as Land of Summoning Monsters) from Final Fantasy IV done on Mario Paint Composer. I would kill to be able to change the sustain/volume of individual notes, but alas. Like all the FFIV MPC songs I'm doing, this was done by ear from Final Fantasy II on the SNES. I synced it with the actual song, so the tempo should be right (not accounting for any lag). The two notes at the end are not in the song. I added them to prevent the song from looping too soon. I like this song and I enjoyed transcribing it in MPC even though it didn't turn out the way I would have liked. But then, MPC songs rarely do.

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    Mario Paint- F.U.N. Song 01:30

    Mario Paint- F.U.N. Song

    by HartJayne2432 (11/23/10) 57 views

    Download Link File: http://file-free.com/Josephine296/Mario EDIT 2: Another 10,000! Awesome! ^-^ EDIT: Please read the description. I know some people waited on me to make a new song, but due to a error on HyperCam and HyperCam 2, I had to download CamStudio. CamStudio is kinda like HyperCam, but without the "Unregistered Hypercam" on the top left, with better graphics, and no "little" breaks in the video. Also, I had a problem opening MPC. It didn't open, but the process is on. And can ANYONE tell me how to put songs that include lots of parts?

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    Journey - Don't Stop Believing Mario Paint Composer Loop

    Journey - Don't Stop Believing Mario Paint Composer Loop

    by HartJayne2432 (11/23/10) 89 views

    Download Link File: http://file-free.com/Udellr291/Loop how to open in mario paint compser: 1.Download mario paint compser (duh) 2. put like three notes randomly and save it as "journey" without the quotes 3. download the text file from the link above 4. open it, select all and copy 5. go to your mario paint composer's folder and go to prefs then double click on the file "journey]MarioPaint.txt." 6. delete the contents and paste in the stuff you copied. 7. open up Mario Paint Composer, click load and select "journey"

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    The REAL Fastest Song in MPC!

    The REAL Fastest Song in MPC!

    by HartJayne2432 (11/23/10) 11 views

    Download Link File: http://file-free.com/Udellr293/REAL I used MPC 2.0 and edited it to a tempo of -1. You would think that would be really really slow, no? Due to lagspikes, it dosn't SEEM fast, but it really is fast. Text file: link down for good No stealing or i will report and block you.

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    Fastest Song Ever Written. 26400 Nps 01:12

    Fastest Song Ever Written. 26400 Nps

    by HartJayne2432 (11/23/10) 81 views

    Download Link File: http://file-free.com/Udellr290/Fastest It is the fastest song ever (I think). I would like someone to beat this. It gets to 26400 nps. It's not really a song, just a repeated sound. It's interesting to see how the pitch changes when it gets faster

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    PaintRoll'd 01:43


    by HartJayne2432 (11/23/10) 8 views

    Download Link File: http://file-free.com/Udellr289/PaintRoll They see me rollin' by ear, they hatin' Copypasta verses A different version (of this interpretation), with the full song will be coming when i get satisfactory skills.

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