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    Runescape - Random Duel Arena 06:09

    Runescape - Random Duel Arena

    by Hawk123 (9/12/09) 264 views

    I was bored, so I turned on hypercam to make this. In the video, I fight the same guy twice, and own him twice. (Haha, random person. Haha.) First fight, we both had full free will (No rules to the fight.) Near the end of the fight, he accused me of quick prayers, so I fought him the second time. This time, the rules were: -No armor (The ring spot being open was an accident, there wasn't a real reason it wasn't blocked.) -No prayer (So he can't accuse me of quick prayers again.) -No special attacks (So he can't D claws spec. It takes absolutly no skill to win a no armour fight with a d claws spec, so that's the reason for that, mmk?) A few people have asked me, when he took out his dds and tried to special attack me, forgetting I had it set to avoid special attacks, why did I take mine out? I did it to be fair. I assumed he just forgot no specials (Which he did.) so I gave him an extra 15 or so damage to me while I took the dds out for a second, hit him once or something, and switched back to whip.) After that, I won. The bit at the end? Ignore it... Waste of your time.