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  • 1 December 2010 Review 02:10 December 2010 Review

    by Hosting Reviews (12/31/10) 10 views

    Visit for more information. 4 more hosts find my list Phastnet, avahost, infuse web, and layer seven hosting. continues to stay on the list, and I am starting to suspect that they are paying Webhostinstuff affiliate fees and not for advertising. Plus the one host that I love to see is finale remove from the top 25, i7net. Which also was deleted from the directory. Too bad I have a lot of screen shots. Despite being rushed I put out another video.

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    Video Reveals Palin's Cruelty To Animals 01:45

    Video Reveals Palin's Cruelty To Animals

    by Hosting Reviews (9/4/08) 1,114 views

    Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is no friend to animals. In 2007, life-time NRA member Palin announced a $150 bounty for wolves. Why? Because wolves prey on moose and caribou, two favorite targets for hunters in Alaska. She spent over $400,000.00 to...