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Hsra's Channel

Majority of these videos were made at, or for school. I only post video's I think have potential, so this is really posting the best of my best from last year. I havn't made a video recently.


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    HolocausT 06:31


    by Hsra (8/17/07) 3,338 views

    The way in which the gestapo took in people, the differences of concentration and extermination camps and the locations of these camps.

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    Big Bang Theory For Dummies 02:55

    Big Bang Theory For Dummies

    by Hsra (8/17/07) 4,325 views

    We had to make a 'children's' book for class that explained the Big Bang Theory. I didn't think that they'd understand completely the idea of expanding, so I slightly entered the literal Big Bang. Hope you enjoy