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IEEE Spectrum's Channel


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    Engineering Gourmet Food 03:20

    Engineering Gourmet Food

    by IEEE Spectrum (3/18/09) 21 views

    Need a backup plan for a tough economy? Two former engineers found a second calling in the food industry. They talk about how their tech careers prepared them for their current quest for fennel pollen and the perfect mole.

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    Visit to the Lightning Lab 04:32

    Visit to the Lightning Lab

    by IEEE Spectrum (3/5/09) 232 views

    IEEE Spectrum visits Lightning Technologies, where they zap model airplanes with more than two-million volts of electricity. The lightning simulation helps keep air travel safe.

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    NYC Soldering Championship 05:01

    NYC Soldering Championship

    by IEEE Spectrum (1/30/09) 979 views

    IEEE Spectrum stopped by Ignite NYC, where Bre Pettis and the NYC Resistor hacker collective hosted a contest to see who had the fastest soldering iron in the city. The contestants all raced to build a TV-B-Gone kit and the first to turn off the TV won.

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    Dean Kamen's Robotic 05:34

    Dean Kamen's Robotic "Luke" Arm

    by IEEE Spectrum (2/13/08) 6,117 views

    Segway inventor Dean Kamen is looking to re-invent the prosthetic arm. IEEE Spectrum caught up with Kamen and one of his "test pilots," to see the robotic arm (named after Luke Skywalker's articficial limb) in action.