At 04:49 - I knew I was in trouble, as I still had another dog to deal with, as it was waiting on me getting back up. There is a tactic I used in CoD4, where just as I get up, I can try and jump away from where the dog will try to leap on me, but it still caught me this time. It's always worth trying something, you never know. * More tips for this mission: When you are fighting enemies in front, and if you get seriously wounded - don't panic and don't try to just run as far away from them as you can - as you can easily just run into another enemy waiting for you in a position you thought was clear. Be aware of your surroundings and try to make use of cover - plan in advance where you are going to run to, and have another cover position as back-up - in case you don't make it. If you are behind cover from an enemy at 12 o'clock, be aware that you can still be exposed to an enemy at your rear - so cover that arc with looking down your iron sights while you heal. I certainly chose the right weapon for the job: the RPD (Ruchnoy Pulemyot Degtyaryova) with Red Dot Sight. Good ammunition capacity (as reloading is too costly in this mission), coupled with the red dot sight, for long range kills - very effective at close / medium range, and even effective at long rang with short bursts (it's fully automatic) / using less recoil for accuracy - as long as you stop by the ammunition reload crates - then you won't have to go through the long reloading time of the RPD - its main weakness. I'm starting to play better at this game now - my movement is improving as well as my spatial awareness. I had made a video before this - trying to improve on my time, and I was already half way done in just over 2 minutes - unfortunately I "expired" soon after. I was using the RPD with scope, and FAL with Red Dot Sight in that video, and I was playing a more methodical approach - using the FAL to take them out at long range, which is effective as you can be fighting an enemy in front, and then another enemy behind you takes a pot shot at you at long range and then runs off - this tactic can distract you and draw you away from the enemies you were in the middle of fighting - but with the FAL, you can take out those long rang enemies before they can run off. In summary, you are not constantly having to chase them, which is only wasting precious time. I believe switching between a long range weapon like the FAL, and the RPD - which has good ammunition capacity and can take out a group of enemies before they have the chance to disperse. Also, if I could make better use of grenades, to force them out from their positions - this is particularly effective - as they will often run out into the open which are easy kills. These enemies being a gang, I've noticed, since they are not trained soldiers - they are generally inaccurate and they are afraid of you - this allows you to be more aggressive, though your assault still has to be well executed. This is, of course, easier said than done - as the enemy is heavily armed and numerically superior. * Tips for keeping the civilian death count down: Just take half a second to quickly identify if they are armed - or have any ammunition belts on. This is difficult to tell a distance - you will then have to watch their movement / behaviour - civilians also run for cover as well as the enemy - but the enemy will run for cover usually for a better position, and stay there - this is a sign that it is an enemy taking up a defensive position. A good example is at 02:17 - not following my own advice - I had allowed that enemy to live, thinking he could have been a civilian - by holding my fire, that delay had allowed him to take cover - by time I realised he was an enemy. But this happens - you have a split second to make the call - drop him or let him go. Try to look for any movement that resembles tactical positioning. It is ok to hold your fire, but if you are confusing the enemy for a civilian, that hesitation can cost you. Also be careful when you see a big group of people running, as the enemy likes to move .....
  • 9 Dec 2009
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