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    Only The Brave 02:19

    Only The Brave

    by Indican Pictures (10/28/10) 67 views

    A searing portrait of war and prejudice, 'Only the Brave' takes you on a haunting journey into the hearts and minds of the forgotten heroes of WWII – the Japanese-American 100th/442nd. In 1941, when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, overnight Japanese Americans were put into internment camps for the duration of the war. Determined to prove their loyalty, 1400 Japanese Americans successfully petitioned the government to serve becoming the 100th Infantry Battalion. They were sent to North Africa, Italy and finally France were they performed an impossibly-dangerous rescue of the Texas 36th Division. During their two years of combat these men received an unparalleled 21 Medals of Honor, 9,486 Purple Hearts, 8 Presidential Citations, 53 Distinguished Service Crosses, 588 Silver Stars and 5,200 Bronze stars – making them the most decorated unit of their size in American military history. This is their story.

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    Dark Metropolis 02:10

    Dark Metropolis

    by Indican Pictures (10/27/10) 51 views

    Mankind has lost a 300-year war against a genetically enhanced race that man created, abused and finally tortured. Now the descendants of that race - known as the 'Ghen' - control the planet Earth from advanced underground cities. An entire new universe has risen inside the remnants of our world known as Hollow Earth. Humans now work the surface in factories as slaves in the New World Order with pockets of resistance carrying on the fight. As rising Ghen Politician Crecilius Pryme takes power he urges his people to annihilate the remaining human population unleashing a shocking secret that will change the world forever.

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    If I Die Tonight 02:06

    If I Die Tonight

    by Indican Pictures (10/19/10) 31 views

    "No Justice!" "No Peace!" "No Justice!" "No Peace!". This rising chant from the streets has escalated in answer to the seemingly endless incidents of police brutality throughout this great nation. If I Die Tonight started following the shooting of Amadou Diallo by 4 members of the NY City Police Department Street Crimes Unit as filmmaker Seyi heard chants on the street from heartbroken and enraged voices. He quickly realized there are two sides to every story and that the truth is often found where you least expect it. From Diallo's sorrowful father lamenting that he is now the victim of police brutality to Maureen King, the widow of slain NY police sergeant Patrick King musing how life changes in a split second. Violence on the streets continues in the streets throughout America triggered by racial profiling and ignorance. This is a look at the system that allows these enigmas to exist and persist, as seen through the lives and stories of those who live on both sides of an impenetrable divide.

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    Cut' N It Up Dallas 02:44

    Cut' N It Up Dallas

    by Indican Pictures (10/19/10) 185 views

    Seven comics bring down the house in the second line up of comic stylings from the Cecil Chambers series "Cut' N It Up". In this set the city of Dallas is on display as Rodney Perry, Juan Villereal, Joey Wells, Rayzor, Mark Fernandez, Q put on a blistering set. This series isn’t for sissies though as it features the funniest comedians doing some of the rawest comedy you’ve ever heard. So sit back, grab a cold one, get the BBQ going and prepare to laugh your ass off Dallas style in "Cut N' It Up Dallas"!

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    The Chosen One 02:12

    The Chosen One

    by Indican Pictures (10/19/10) 408 views

    Lou Hanske's having a hell of a day - he's lost his job, totaled his car, been attacked by a bear and dumped by his girlfriend Rachel (Laura Prepon). Just when it seems like life can't get any worse, an eccentric church informs Lou that he's "The Chosen One" – the savior from prophecy who must travel to Kansas and deliver the world into a new age. So, together with his cranky old roommate Zeb (Chris Sarandon), his hot co-worker Donna (Danielle Fishel) and Lucifer himself (Tim Curry), Lou must overcome Ninjas, Thugs, Femme Fatales (Traci Lords), Religious Zealots (Lance Henriksen), Giant Monsters and a Posse of Kung Fu Robots to get the girl and… SAVE THE WORLD!

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    Lime Salted Love 01:37

    Lime Salted Love

    by Indican Pictures (10/19/10) 725 views

    An in-depth exploration into the sordid lives of a sexy love triangle. Chase (Joe Hall), a handsome, damaged stud running from a dark past lurches from moment to moment finding attention and affection at any expense. Starting with his brother’s lonely, sensual wife Isabella (Kate del Castillo – "Under the Same Moon") and ending with the fractured, innocent Ellie (Danielle Agnello). Only Chase gets more then he bargained for when the provacative, sensual Zephyr (Kristanna Loken – "Terminator 3", "PainKiller Jane") challenges him for the affections of Ellie. Witness the smoldering cauldron of emotions that these three stir up as the sheer human need for connection drives them to do wicked, wicked things. The film also features terriffic turns by vets Kathleen Kinmont ("Renegade") and Billy Drago ("Untouchables", "Dark Moon Rising").

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    Come Together 01:58

    Come Together

    by Indican Pictures (10/19/10) 168 views

    Chaos! Mayhem! Looters running wild! Seven college students flee the 1992 LA riots to spend the weekend together in a Hollywood Hills Mansion. What could go wrong?? Well if it’s your ex-girlfriend's house and you put seven hot, sex starved college co-eds together with free booze, a pool and raging hormones - everything! Check out this perfect mix of the ‘American Pie’ and ‘Big Bang Theory’ where an all weekend party becomes a hilarious and sometimes heartfelt exploration of dreams, love and sex!

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    Islander 02:18


    by Indican Pictures (10/4/10) 294 views

    On a small fishing island off the coast of Maine, families have lived and worked off the sea for generations. Everyone knows each other. Birthright is akin to law and men inherit their fishing territories. Eben Cole (Thomas Hildreth), like the other fishermen, continues his family’s legacy of harvesting lobsters from the waters surrounding the island. After causing a tragic accident at sea, Eben loses everything. After serving five years in prison he returns determined to win back the way of life he fought so hard to protect, but now Eben is an outcast, his ex-wife Cheryl (Amy Jo Johnson) wants nothing to do with him, fisherman see him as a harbinger of bad luck and he must fight to regain their trust... Only Popper (Philip Baker Hall), an old, weathered and gruff fisherman gives Eben a chance to become an Islander again.

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    Kings of The Evening 02:33

    Kings of The Evening

    by Indican Pictures (10/4/10) 46 views

    After two years in jail, Homer Hobbs, returns to his bleak urban home during the depths of the Great Depression. Sadly he discovers that life on the outside can be crueler than the backbreaking injustice of a chain gang. With no job, no prospects and no hope – Homer finds a kinship with four strangers: Benny, the street hustler eager to begin life anew in the sunshine of Florida; the suicidal Clarence, a nobody who aches to be somebody; Gracie, the despairing owner of a boarding house who lives with a secret; and Lucy, who harbors a mysterious past that threatens the lives of those she has come to love. Life is grim. But on Sunday nights, in a dingy hall, the men of the neighborhood piece together the finest attire their meager lives can beg, borrow or steal to compete in an unusual fashion contest. The big winner will go home with the five dollar prize. The real prize – far less tangible, yet priceless – is the chance to feel like a king, if just for an evening. To men like these, the touch of a woman, the adulation of the crowd, the feel of a fine-looking suit are proof enough that a man might yet escape the debasement of the Depression.

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    Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Undead 02:13

    Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Undead

    by Indican Pictures (10/4/10) 111 views

    Living in the back room of his father's doctors office, broke, frustrated ladies man Julian (Jake Hoffman)scores his big break when he lands the job directing an off Broadway version of Hamlet. Except it's a bizarre adaptation written by a pale Romanian impresario named Theo(John Ventimiglia) who is actually a master vampire! Theo hopes to lure the real Hamlet (Kris Lemche) out of hiding so the two can end a centuries long feud over Shakespeare's Ophelia. Meanwhile, Julian pines for his ex-girlfriend, Anna (Devon Aoki) who is dating a Mobster Bobby Bianchi (Ralph Macchio) intent on creating the next great invention – "Whack a Germ". Added into the mix is a dimwitted Detective (Jeremy Sisto), the Holy Grail, the Rosicrucian Society, a bunch of Sexy Vamps, God and a score by Sean Lennon and you've got the perfect mix of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Terry Gilliam, Dude Where's My Car and Woody Allen all in one fantastic film!

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