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    FruFru - Prijd (Come) 03:19

    FruFru - Prijd (Come)

    by Indies Scope Records (8/25/10) 14 views

    music video from album "Az prileti tucnak" (2009, Indies scope) director: Lumir Moucka. actors: Tomas Matonoha, Gabriela Vermelho, actors from Hadivadlo, band FruFru

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    NIL - Rain (live) 04:22

    NIL - Rain (live)

    by Indies Scope Records (8/20/10) 18 views

    Nil recorded "live" on festival Master of Rock 2008. track from album The River spring ( ) - new album comming soon.

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    DVA - Nunovó Tango 03:25

    DVA - Nunovó Tango

    by Indies Scope Records (8/19/10) 54 views

    amazing animated freak dance music video from album Fonók by DVA. Director: Jaromír Plachý. DVA, it is non-exist nations folklore or else tango, cabaret, circus, pop songs, kitchen beatbox or freakfolk.

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    Cankisou - Borrega 04:05

    Cankisou - Borrega

    by Indies Scope Records (4/28/09) 431 views

    funny animation music video. Borrega is track from album Lé la (2008, Indies Scope) It is third video from this album. director: Lenka Zemanova, animation director: Lenka Ceperova

  • 10 - Aven Romale 02:56 - Aven Romale

    by Indies Scope Records (3/25/09) 1,173 views

    new song for Eurovision 2009. Director: Pavel Fuksa. Musicvideo in refering to movie by director ED WOOD and all similar directors. Czech Television has decided to let the group to represent Czech Republic at the 54th Eurovision Song Contest. As it has been done the past two years, this time the chosen artist will perform two songs offered by the broadcaster. The winning song will be chosen via SMS voting from 1st to 14th of March. Video Production - Stillking Films / Mars production

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