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    Paul Watson Sea Shepherd CTV News Interview - DFO Newfoundlan... 07:33

    Paul Watson Sea Shepherd CTV News Interview - DFO Newfoundlan...

    by InfoNewsCenter (3/30/09) 1,075 views

    Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd on CTV News Interview regarding DFO Newfoundland Seal Hunt and disposition of the Farley Mowat. Paul Watson successfully debunks the DFO, exposes lies of Department of Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn, and discredits myths and false propaganda put forth by Newfoundland Sealers. The Canadian DFO hurts Canadian citizens. The DFO is a militant organization that surreptitiously docks the paychecks of 33 million Canadians and gives it to a tiny special interest group of fanatic lobbyist seal killers against the will of the Nation. This small pack of extremist killers makes up less than 1/100th of 1% of Canada but they cause more harm to Canada than any other group. Newfoundland sealers cause international disgust against their own Country, and seal clubbers bring stink upon the Flag. Newfoundland Seal Hunters hurt the native Inuit people who are Not involved in the commercial seal hunt. And sealers attempt to poison fellow canadian citizens by enticing people to eat toxic seal meat & tainted omega3 oil which is contaminated with Mercury, and polychlorinated biphenyls which cause anyone eating seal meat to risk brain tissue damage, lowered IQ, and anyone who eats seal meat or ingests seal oil to give birth to deformed children with learning disabilities. All good Canadians and True patriots do not support the Seal hunt. Only those who wish to harm the nation support the seal hunt atrocities.

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    This Is Sea Shepherd - ThisIsSeaShepherd - シーシェパード - SeaShepherd 06:48

    This Is Sea Shepherd - ThisIsSeaShepherd - シーシェパード - SeaShepherd

    by InfoNewsCenter (3/30/09) 1,539 views

    Paul Watson, environmental activist, was asked to lead Greenpeace and he yanked a club out of a hunter's hand to protect a baby seal. He decided that protecting the environment was so important that he started his own organization: Sea Shepherd. シーシェパード くじら 日本 鯨類 研究所 ポールワトソン 日本人の友達 国際捕鯨委員会 捕鯨 日新丸 日本鯨類研究所と日新丸はエコ・テロリストです。Nippon Geirui Kenkyūjo video.

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    Banned Confiscated Video Sealers & DFO Don't Want You to See 02:52

    Banned Confiscated Video Sealers & DFO Don't Want You to See

    by InfoNewsCenter (3/27/09) 489 views

    Canadian Seal Killers & DFO have a lot to hide from the world. Canadian Sealers passed a LAW that stops YOU from getting pictures of their crimes against nature. This video reveals multiple crimes and violations, and they attempted to confiscate it so that You in the world would not see it. === TO ALL GOOD Newfoundlanders: - REPORT Seal Hunters to the police. - Report Sealers for improper licenses, - Skinning seals alive, - Killing seals not in a proper time, out of season - Report them for illegal weapons charges - Fishermen are also sealers, and also many fishermen are complicit condoning sealers acts, so report them as well, until they and everyone stop the seal hunt. - Report sealers and fishermen for illegal dumping of garbage, trash, contamination. - Report Canadian sealers for improper & unsafe drunk boating, endangering lives. - Report Sealer Fishermen for improper safety equipment, not enough life jackets onboard, etc. - GOOD people of Newfoundland Canada are among the Sealers and Fishermen, in sealing areas, and are watching, observing, capturing evidence of crimes committed by Sealers and reporting them to police. == = TO ALL GOOD CANADIAN citizens: -Sealer Fishermen take your tax money. They absorb handouts from the government and Decrease your pay check. Fishermen sit at home most of the year, only working a couple months of the year and the rest they get paid UI which means YOU have to work, and they sit and collect money. - Vote seal hunt supporters out of Parliament. - Write to newspapers, bring up the subject, post notices, make your voice heard. === TO ALL THE GOOD PEOPLE of the WORLD: - Post about this in your blog, copy the text about it and forward it, tell people, anywhere you can. - Write, call or phone your country's government officials, and tell them to reaffirm the Laws against these killers. - Boycott RED LOBSTER. Red Lobster is owned by DARDEN corporation. Sell off your stock of that company. Don't buy it. Boycott OLIVE GARDEN and RED LOBSTER restaurants. Red Lobster exacerbates the seal butchery by buying canadian seafood sold by these same fishermen sealers who kill. Don't dine there. Tell others NEVER to eat there. - Boycott Visiting Atlantic Canada. Dont Vacation in Canada. Don't spend money at any shops, stores, restaurants, hotels, or anything in Newfoundland or Atlantic Canada until all there who operate such establishments take care of their own, and stop being complicit allowing sealers and take the stand to get them OUT of there. Visit: HSI: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society: Anti Sealing Coaltion: WSPA: HSUS: IFAW: Seals Alert SA: Look Out for Seals: Grey Seal Conservation Society: Scandinavian Anti-Sealing Coalition: ###==