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    Living with Margin 03:45

    Living with Margin

    by James Thomas (2/23/10) 10 views

    Margin is the distance between where we are performing and our maximum capable effort on full throttle with all of our adrenaline running. How does living with margin affect our stress management? How can we increase the margin in our spiritual lives?

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    Our Role in Relationship 01:56

    Our Role in Relationship

    by James Thomas (2/9/10) 6 views

    When we are having conflict with someone who is close to us, it is easy to take a linear view of the situation.. "they did x and made me feel y" When in reality our actions and attitudes influence the behavior of others. What is our role in relationship?

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    Sending Clear Messages 03:17

    Sending Clear Messages

    by James Thomas (1/30/10) 85 views

    Strong relationships require good communication, and good communication means sending clear messages - no games, no messing with people's minds. Here are some hints and tips for sending clear messages in communication.

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    Christian Meditation Part 3 of 3 04:49

    Christian Meditation Part 3 of 3

    by James Thomas (1/14/10) 45 views

    Meditation is helpful for many Christians, and this video describes the powerful use of guided meditation or guided imagery coupled with Biblical Christian principles. Great Resource... http://www.thechristianmeditator.com/

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    Christian Meditation Part 2 of 3 04:38

    Christian Meditation Part 2 of 3

    by James Thomas (1/8/10) 50 views

    So we already know the basic mechanics of Christian Meditation from Part 1 of this series... but how do we choose a mental device... something to focus on and repeat? Christian Stress Management tips from Christian-Life-Coaching.org

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    Christian Meditation Part 1 of 3 07:16

    Christian Meditation Part 1 of 3

    by James Thomas (1/4/10) 79 views

    New series on Godly Christian Meditation. Meditation is mentioned over and over in the Bible, but how can we do it effectively and in a Godly way that does not open us up to bad spiritual influences? Guidelines for Christians who would like to meditate.

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    Thief in the Night 04:59

    Thief in the Night

    by James Thomas (12/30/09) 45 views

    My truck was broken into and robbed by a thief in the night. Video includes pictures of the break-in and some of the lessons that I learned from this experience... how ready are we for Christ's return? www.Visit Christian-Life-Coaching.org for more!

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    Communicating With Yourself 07:17

    Communicating With Yourself

    by James Thomas (12/11/09) 60 views

    Communicating with yourself is as important as knowing how to communicate with others. Find out why, and how to communicate effectively with yourself! Why is communicating with yourself important? Who cares? Well... You should care. Only by communicating with yourself can you truly know yourself, who you are and where you stand with God.

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    God Can Use You! 03:43

    God Can Use You!

    by James Thomas (12/5/09) 50 views

    Who did Jesus Christ pick to follow him? Were they good speakers? Very spiritual? Very religious? Experts on the law? Wealthy? Well-recognized in their fields? Do you ever feel inadequate? Do you think that God can use you? He can.

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    You Matter Very Much 04:09

    You Matter Very Much

    by James Thomas (11/24/09) 3 views

    You are the single most powerful witness to what God can do in a human's life. Other people are watching you, angels and demons are watching you, and God even knows your intentions. Remember, Christian... you matter very much.

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