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Some of my friends made this and I decided to spread it all around each video community... Sarah Palin GANGSTA RAPS about her life as a wanna be VP LYRICS: My name's Palin, I'm a bonafide MILF, Alaskan governor who cleans up the filth. Just like that state trooper, I will fire your ass. But with a pretty smile I'll remove you with class. McCain told me I'd be a great VP. I said shut your trap and go hunting with me. We killed 12 Moose, or shall I say Meese... and then that night we bonded over a Moose burger feast. My daughter came home and said "what's up?!" I said "you look fat". She said "I'm knocked up". McCain clenched his chest like he had a McTack and then he proceeded to scream when I kicked him in the B. Sack. I'm a tough cookie no one messes with me. Pop cap in yo' ass if you F**k with my family. Pro-life I support but I'm good with a gun... I'll be screaming 187 on them polar bears son! Chorus: Sarah Palin for Vice President I'll be winning them over like an Alaskan beauty pageant. Aspects of my life are a little taboo... but can someone please tell me what Vice Presidents do Call me P.A.L. P**sy and legs. Word around town I last for days. Come over sometime and we'll have a beer and by the time you leave... my foreign policy will still be unclear. *Chorus My names John Sidney McCain the 3rd and during Vietnam I was captured... But I escaped in 1973. Brought my cracker ass home and tried LSD. It made me crazy, made me out of my mind. That's why I chose Palin at the drop of a dime. She fly... she sexy as hell... my god this white woman casts a spell! *Chorus Written by Savannah Thomas and Greg Blessing. Music by Composed by:Jovian, ASCAP/ freeplaymusic****
  • 2 Oct 2008
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My friend as me to put this up Composed by Toshiro Masuda Arrangement by me, kind of, I just stuck it all on guitar. There's a few mistakes on it, but my camera was playing up so I just decided to upload it. It may be on naruto shippuuden 29 or 30, who knows. 'Cause thats not just for tags... Grr, messed up the sync. I do not have a tab.
  • 11 Oct 2008
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WATCH IN HD was a video I did along time ago it had like 38,000 hits and was taking off and then Youtube removed it for no reason. I was pissed off because I had to remake the video from scratch. Click here for more 4409 videos and info PAUL 4409 -- CFR lovefest OBAMA and Hillary tounge KISS I didnt make Im only promoting Ron Paul
  • 15 Dec 2008
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Boy you all are a tough crowd to please .. but giveme time I will produce something you like .. ohh I know just the thing for the ladies... MELLOW OUT !!!!... I made this just for fun .. A responce to Ap until we get something new..about Harly.. Something good is coming but we all have to wait until next week.. So this is just to past the time.... Jay This is my freaking absolute video of harly its so fun and loving
  • 19 Dec 2008
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My Holden and Carly video for Marie. Nice and Slow .. I love Harly so much there to HOT to stop !!!!! I love them .. Subscribe if you like more.. I love anime 2 I will be making those kind sof videos to..
  • 30 Sep 2008
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