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This is web ad for blog, consisting in a parody to Internet phenomenon Angry German Kid video. The original, most viewed and with english subtitles here: *******youtube****/watch?v=kBVmfIUR1DA
  • 10 Nov 2007
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Here you go, this is the second emoticoncert developed, after there very first ever, called "Mad World" (also on Metacafe). I don't know why this is the 2nd, 'cos I already uploaded the 3rd, which is called "Emoticoncert - Mistaken" no. 3, eventhough it's finished before this one. Anyway... The World Is New Emoticoncert was a record, it took less then one hour to shoot and edit.Possibly because Paula wasn't really there behind the computer to bugg me. Enjoy! Update: Myeah, well I did see some mistakes which then I repeated, so I had to uploaded and remove it like 3 time. :) Maybe that's why it's holding so tight to it's 3rd emoticoncert position. Well... tough... it's still called no. 2.
  • 7 Feb 2007
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Paula actually got to do the backing-vocals for this one. :) The road to celebrity is long, my dear. Please... step under my office. This is the third emoticoncert from the Jeg series held in Yahoo! Messenger (8.1). The song is "Mistaken", from Save Ferris. Me and Paula started shooting at like 3 in the afternoon and I'm uploading it now at almost 3 in the morning (We didn't go back in time... the NEXT morning). Trivia: The last 3-4 lines were actually shot in Paula's absence, for her Internet Connection dropped, after several takes. The furthest we got was til there and it worked from two computers afterwards, me being "Paula" as well as myself. However, I give her full credit for her pacience with me - we took more than 10 shots until she went offline - right now she's out somewhere taking other shots; of tequila this time. A blooper compilation will soon come along (sorry, most of them will have reactions in Romanian).
  • 3 Feb 2007
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I was thinking of a new idea to impress girls with our natural hidden male sensitivity for emergency situations. So I invented the concept of "emoticoncert". Here you go - the first show. Trust me! It works. Find their favourite song... And they're in the sack before you can type the begging emoticon. (btw, I tried to make the Y! Messenger window the same size as a YouTube video but I guess compression screws the quality up anyway, just for fun. And the song, so no moron - except the ones who can' click "show more" - asks, is Michael Andrews feat. Gary Jules - Mad World) (Special thanks to Paula, the audience, and Mariuş, for technical support - also Jutka for the song and Cioară - the very first audience ever) (my blog: - only in Romanian)
  • 3 Feb 2007
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This movie was the opening for Romania's presentation in a youth-exchange organised in Poland, by the Point Association. Other countries that participated: Austria, Turkey, Spain.
  • 4 Feb 2007
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