Download perfect and full file here: *******savehold****/Sims8989/Pro Sims Social Bot. Here is what can it be used for:: - SimCash Adder - Simoleons adder - Energy Addery - Social Points Adder - Diamond Adder - Autopilot - Quest Taker This is a program which generate/hacks free simoleons, sim cash, social points, energy, level or xp etc. It is a free safe and secure program with all new skin, template and features. It is professionally designed for the Sims Social Game fans so that they can generate these items free. It includes browser support so it means you are not required to write your email of your facebook account just you need open your game and connect the bot with any of these 3 browsers Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome. In security lock system there is proxy server system, secure server system and anti-ban hack cheat system. So by checking these all systems you will be safe and your ip and your account will be safe too and also you will not get ban. So What Are You Waiting For Get It Free and Download It Here:
  • 29 Dec 2011
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