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    12:12 04:19


    by JeremyCatheyFilms (1/14/08) 74 views

    Synopsis; They say that 11:11 is the time to make a wish. If that is so, what would be special about 12:12..? This short film shows the weird, odd and unusual events that happen to a young man when the clock strikes 12:12. This is my first major attempt at creating a creepy type of film, and I hope the video does give out a weird feeling. You'll probably never look at the time of 12:12 the same way again. I hope you like it!Music Made By Yours Truly - Jeremy Cathey :) - jeremycathey :]

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    "Cone Hunting"

    by JeremyCatheyFilms (1/14/08) 384 views

    Synopsis; The Cone Hunter is on the trail of vicious and evil cones, and in his search for them, he finds one. His chase and fight with the cone will not be an easy one though, as cones are smarter than they appear! I made this short video during morning time, and wanted to create a good action short with a bit of goofy results as well. During the filming, I came face to face with a coyote and had to scare it away by yelling. I like how this film turned out, because it's short and to the point. And hopefully you'll like it too! -jeremycathey

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    C-Man 07:04


    by JeremyCatheyFilms (1/14/08) 456 views

    Synopsis; A fast-paced superhero film about the underdog hero, 'C-Man' ( jeremy cathey ), who fights crime in the name of justice! Full of secret identities, fighting, pineapples and more! I wanted to give a superhero film a shot, and I tried my best to make it funny, too. It has a lot of random moments, but hopefully you'll like them and the bloopers as well! Anyways, I hope you like this short film! Enjoy! -jeremycathey :]