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    Dr. Kara Cooney Egyptologist Lecture @ Philbrook Museum of Art 03:57

    Dr. Kara Cooney Egyptologist Lecture @ Philbrook Museum of Art

    by Jerrys_Menu (8/21/10) 132 views

    I created this video while attending a most delightful lecture given by Dr. Kara Cooney @ Tulsa's Philbrook Museum of Art. She really knows her stuff when it comes to Egypt and Mummys and After Life well as the history of all these famous crypts and people from Egypt, A most beautiful part of the world..! Dr. Cooney has appeared on The Craig Ferguson Show and is on The Discovery Channel presently as well.

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    San Shou - Mid- America Opener 2010 03:12

    San Shou - Mid- America Opener 2010

    by Jerrys_Menu (3/7/10) 345 views

    A video of one of the fights held at a recent San Shou held in Tulsa. Sifu Ray Hildreth's Academy of Self Defense was involved in putting all of this together. Alot of skilled fighters attended this meet.

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    ((( Dragon Dance ))) - Massive Fireworks ! 02:57

    ((( Dragon Dance ))) - Massive Fireworks !

    by Jerrys_Menu (2/15/10) 165 views

    Sifu Ray Hildreth's Academy of Kung Fu Students Help Put On a Great Show For The General Public This Weekend Feb. 13th, 2010. This Was Done @ The Nam Hi Market Located on 21st and S. Garnet. With regards to this video....The Fireworks were exceptional to experience....! Demonstrations of Kung Fu were also performed by Sifu Ray Hildreth's Students.

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    The " JOKER" - Asks A Question....???

    by Jerrys_Menu (11/24/09) 117 views

    I created this video after watching so many videos about the Joker and the Batman Movie. I was really impressed by Heath Ledger and was sorry about what happened to him. Batman was really a Kick Butt movie....! I Loved it.

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    All New

    All New "Q.T." Riverparks Playground and Get Together in Tulsa

    by Jerrys_Menu (10/9/09) 175 views

    After some 3 million +/- dollars and many months of hard work, The Q.T. Corporation dedicated this incredible Public Park for all of Tulsa to enjoy.....! Water fountains all over for both adults and the children to have fun with and watch as well as an area for live music concerts and eating on the weekends. Located along Riverside Drive and 41st Street area of South Tulsa.

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    D.J.'s Never Sleep @ Tulsa Tough 2009 ! 01:39

    D.J.'s Never Sleep @ Tulsa Tough 2009 !

    by Jerrys_Menu (6/6/09) 278 views

    Wrapping up the weekend's events @ Tulsa Tough these D.J.'s keep things going as the cyclist's race towards the finish....! Incredible weather, remarkable performances by all the cyclist's....! We all hope that you wiil consider this a sincere invatation to come to Tulsa if you're outside the Tulsa MetroPlex and join in Tulsa Tough.....!

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    The Last Lap..! 01:13

    The Last Lap..! "Tulsa Tough" - Cyclst Competition May 2009

    by Jerrys_Menu (6/2/09) 308 views

    This was the last lap in this particular cycling event on Sunday 31, 2009. All along the River's Edge in Tulsa, Fans lined up to watch these incredible cyclst's giving their all in these incredible bicycle races. The weather was beautiful topping a temp of 92 degrees under a sunny sky. You've got to see this Tulsa Tough for yourself. Take the family and kids and have a great afternoon in Tulsa..!

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