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    Zap! Pictures Project - Preview #1 01:03

    Zap! Pictures Project - Preview #1

    by Jomskylark (3/17/08) 156 views

    A Zap! video expressing images collected over years of gameplay. This is not a video showing evolution, rather showing culture. Some of the images may seem strange or have weird behavior. These images were taken without the purpose of compiling them into a video. A larger collection of screenshots video is in the works. Stay tuned. Images & Video (c) Jomskylark 2008. Music is Catch a Wave by various artists.

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    Edshin95 Mines 02:16

    Edshin95 Mines

    by Jomskylark (3/7/08) 18 views

    A short and funny clip showing Edshin's adventure into the "Zap! mines" world. For more information on Zap!, please visit: Also visit my blog: Thanks, and enjoy!

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    Amazing SSBB 01:30

    Amazing SSBB "Ideas"

    by Jomskylark (3/7/08) 282 views

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl (SSBB) is the latest upcoming game in the series by Nintendo. Since it has not hit stores yet, people are posting their guesses on what they think the characters are going to be. Here's mine. This video is for comedic purposes only. Please do not take this literally.

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    Napoleon Dynamite: Tiger Power! 01:59

    Napoleon Dynamite: Tiger Power!

    by Jomskylark (3/7/08) 212 views

    Napoleon is rehearsing his dance, when he falls and hurts his leg during the rehearsal. He puts on some Tiger Balm. Will he be okay? Watch the movie to find out! Video is entered in the YouTube Tiger Balm Contest. If you like this video, please vote for me! Thanks!

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    I Am Not Daniel Madison

    I Am Not Daniel Madison

    by Jomskylark (3/7/08) 373 views

    A little video I made for 2/23/08 Saturday night contest over at To sum it up, this is a parody of the famous magician & flourisher, Daniel Madison. Thanks, and enjoy. Music, Daniel Madison footage, theory11 logo, (c) and Daniel Madison. The video tends to stop at 0:42 and 0:45. Just click the circle thingy on the control bar thingy to continue.

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    Life's Colors 01:06

    Life's Colors

    by Jomskylark (3/3/08) 184 views

    A video illustrating world poverty and the other big issues. I slowed the colors down so it wouldn't be hard to look at. Thanks to lukapaka and . Music & Video (c) Jomskylark 2008.

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    Galcon Trailer 02:05

    Galcon Trailer

    by Jomskylark (3/2/08) 331 views

    Galcon -- an awesome high-paced multi-player galactic action-strategy game. Send swarms of ships from planet to planet to take over the galaxy. Single-player and multi-player action included! Play for free or buy Galcon at: Music is (c) The Olde Battleaxe and is titled Cluck Ol' Hen. Trailer was created by:

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    Theory11 Maximized 01:51

    Theory11 Maximized

    by Jomskylark (3/3/08) 187 views

    This video is advertising the new magic company, Theory 11. Please note that not all tricks were shown, and no 1-on-1's were shown either. As well as images and video, music is (c) Theory 11. Enjoy!

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    Mac Gaming Plus 02:04

    Mac Gaming Plus

    by Jomskylark (3/3/08) 299 views

    People are always complaining that Macintosh gaming is really bad. Mac gaming can be better, but people are making it out to be worse than it really is. Thus, this video is showcasing some of my favorite Mac games. That being said, this video is dedicated to all proud Mac gamers. Please visit my blog: Enjoy!