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CONTEST! Upload a video of you and your friends using Riff Raters iPhone app and WIN an iPod Touch! Upload in response to this video. The highest ratings by January 15, 2010 wins. Make sure you put your contact info somewhere so we can contact you. All rules and regs can be found on the Riff Raters Facebook Fan Page.
  • 16 Dec 2009
  • 96
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Check out Greg Johnson recording a jazzie piano riff in the Riff Raters iPhone iPod/Touch app! His amazing talent is demonstrated by this great app. Buy Riff Raters in your iTunes app store today and rate Greg's riff!
  • 5 Dec 2009
  • 182
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CONTEST - Every Monday the Top Riff wins a prize!! This video shows you how to rate and record riffs. It's easy and fun!! Go for it... Win the Top Riff on the Riff Raters iPhone App!!
  • 28 Nov 2009
  • 51
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The amazing Psycho Therapists bass player discovers the Riff Raters iPhone App and demonstrates how to record a riff and upload it for the world to hear! Check it out. Buy Riff Raters today...
  • 24 Nov 2009
  • 143
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Check out The Psycho Therapist's drummer and singer recording into the Riff Raters iPhone App! It's sweet and easy and fun. Check it out...
  • 24 Nov 2009
  • 63
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Ripping riffs by the lead and rhythm guitar players from Psycho Therapists band recording into the Riff Raters iPhone app!!! Sweet!! Its so easy and fun. Spread your music around, get to the top 25 and maybe get famous or win a prize. Go for it. Buy Riff Raters today!
  • 24 Nov 2009
  • 176
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Watch the dog ask the all knowing, seeing eye questions and get answers! In the eye of the beholder... Check it out... Funny... Funny... Dog
  • 24 Nov 2009
  • 217
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Check out this dog singing into the iPhone App Riff Raters - it is soooo funny. Put up a video of you riffing into the app - make it funny or serious! Just enjoy the app - its for players as well as listeners!
  • 18 Nov 2009
  • 250
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