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    American Idol Phsyco 04:33

    American Idol Phsyco

    by Kick-Azz (1/26/07) 144,156 views

    Sarah Goldberg is the American Idol Phsyco. This girl does not take rejection well, she has a breakdown in front of the cameras.

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    Wolf Blitzer Pisses Off Dick Cheney 01:14

    Wolf Blitzer Pisses Off Dick Cheney

    by Kick-Azz (5/21/07) 6,778 views

    CNN's Wolf Blitzer pisses off Vice President Dick Cheney in this interview. Wolf asks about his daughetr and her pregnancy, Vice President Cheney was not amused and at one point stared him down, Wolf Blitzer looked nervous lol!

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    Britney Spears Sucks 01:32

    Britney Spears Sucks

    by Kick-Azz (1/9/07) 24,657 views

    Britney Spears is such a hypocrite with all that money and zero class. Just a trashy girl who made it big. In this video she acts as if she does not want to be bothered by the paparrazzi, yet she is driving around with her top down and blasting her own new single, LOL. Thats pretty pathetic, she LOVES attention but acts as if it bothers her, if she didnt want to be bothered she should have the Top down and AC on and not blasting her own single to attract attention..

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    Reporter Hits A Fan

    Reporter Hits A Fan

    by Kick-Azz (5/21/07) 1,341 views

    This reporter gets so angry with the rude Ohio State fan that he hits her with his shoulder. Pretty funny video

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    Joe Rogan Rips A Heckler 03:15

    Joe Rogan Rips A Heckler

    by Kick-Azz (5/21/07) 15,765 views

    Unlike Pauly Shore or Michael Richardson aka Kramer; Joe Rogan handles his situation with a heckler during his standup comedy routine by dishing some back. A female heckler gets ripped by Joe Rogan in this video clip, pretty funny.

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    Pauly Shore Punched In The Face. 01:16

    Pauly Shore Punched In The Face.

    by Kick-Azz (12/13/06) 8,900 views

    Comedian & actor Pauly Shore gets nasty with a heckler during his standup routine. The heckler goes on stage and punches him in the face. Pauly Shore goes down from the hard right he did not get knocked out though, gets up even more upset. Police arrest the heckler

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    Human Can Opener 02:07

    Human Can Opener

    by Kick-Azz (12/12/06) 4,212 views

    Rebecca The Human Can Opener hopes to get her talent noticed by David Letterman so she can be on his show. This is funny but this girl is crazy she must have some real sharp, strong teeth.

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    Kid Shot By 300 Paintballs

    Kid Shot By 300 Paintballs

    by Kick-Azz (5/21/07) 9,165 views

    This crazy kid allows his friends to shoot him with over 300 paintballs. Crazy stunt which leaves some serious bruises and he has the pictures to prove it. He seems to think it is pretty funny.

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    Serbian Basketball Riot 01:45

    Serbian Basketball Riot

    by Kick-Azz (12/7/06) 4,408 views

    Rival fans brawl - fight at a Serbian basketball arena. It soon becomes a riot and police with riot gear have to come in. They go from punching, kicking and throwing chairs to shooting flares at each other.

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    Cameraman Shot

    Cameraman Shot

    by Kick-Azz (5/21/07) 6,380 views

    This is actually a funny blooper even though it must have been painful. These guys are filming a show for HDTV, one of them is playing with the nail gun and shoots a nail by mistake into the cameraman.

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