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    Ashburn Children's Dentistry, Ashburn VA Reviews 01:20

    Ashburn Children's Dentistry, Ashburn VA Reviews

    by KidzSmile5 (6/26/13) 0 views

    WENT VERY WELL... First childs dentist visit. Went very well. Very nice, helpful staff. Daughter felt at ease very quickly! EXCELENT PRACTICE... Excelent practice. Excellent service. Excellent treatment! I will refer all my friends!!! EXCELLENT First visit for me, very happy! EXCELLENT WORK AND AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE! Excellent work and amazing customer service! THE ENTIRE TEAM HAVE ALWAYS BEEN VE... Our experience with this office has always been a positive one. The entire team have always been very courteous and professional. I would recommend this office to anyone seeking a pediatric dentist. SUSAN AND THE OTHER DOCTOR DID A VE... Susan and the other doctor did a very good job and they made sure i was okay

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    Ashburn Children's Dentistry, Ashburn VA Reviews 01:20

    Ashburn Children's Dentistry, Ashburn VA Reviews

    by KidzSmile5 (6/15/13) 3 views

    ALL 4 OF MY KIDS LOOK FORWARD TO CO... All 4 of my kids look forward to coming to the dentist! How amazing is that?! We love Ashburn Childrens Dentistry. They make everything easy for me and for the kids. YOU ARE VERY CHILD-FRIENDLY AND IT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE!! Thanks so much for taking wonderful care of our daughter. You are very child-friendly and it makes all the difference. I wish there were dentists like you when I were younger! LOVE THE DENTISTS, STAFF VERY NICE ... Love the Dentists, staff very nice and accommodating. The movies are great too! NO PROBLEMS. No problems. GREAT DOCTOR AND VERY ORGANIZED... Great doctor and very organized. WE HAVE BEEN COMING HERE FOR YEARS ... We have been coming here for years and you have always made my daughter feel comfortable and cared for. You've done a great job with her teeth as well! FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE... Fantastic experience

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    Ashburn Children's Dentistry, Ashburn VA Zero Complaints

    Ashburn Children's Dentistry, Ashburn VA Zero Complaints

    by KidzSmile5 (6/4/13) 5 views

    FAB Great WE REALLY APPRECIATE KNOWING EXACTL... We really appreciate knowing exactly what is coming in terms of procedure and costs. Everyone's friendliness makes every visit pleasant. Ashburn Childrens Dentistry feels like our neighborhood dentist,filled with knowledgable professionals who really care about my kids and our family. HAD A WONDERFUL TIME LIKE ALWAYS... Had a wonderful time like always. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Thanks! WE LOVE DR DURU... We love Dr Duru. Her staff knows how to relate to children of all ages and give exceptional dental care. MY CHILDREN HAVE BEEN COMING TO ASH... My children have been coming to ashburn children's dentistry for over 8 years and every appointment has been a great experience. We wouldnt go anywhere else!

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    Ashburn Children's Dentistry, Ashburn VA Online Reviews 01:20

    Ashburn Children's Dentistry, Ashburn VA Online Reviews

    by KidzSmile5 (6/4/13) 4 views

    MY SON PAUL HAS AUTISM SPECTRUM DIS... My son Paul has Autism Spectrum Disorder. It has taken years to get him to go to the dentist to have work done. Through the years Ashburn Children's Dentistry has worked patiently to help Paul feel comfortable. Today he had 2 teeth pulled using nitrous and between Mr. Frances and Dr. Linda, it was a huge success!!! TRULY UNIQUE EXPERIENCE!! Truly unique experience. Very kind and skilled staff. Excellent experience for children. From a play tree house to video games to air hockey table to videos playing at individual dentist chairs, the place is perfect for helping kids not hate going to the dentist. From A to Z they've thought of it all, they even have a neat little individual coffee dispenser for parents. Our 3 children have been using these pediatric dentists for 5 years and have nothing but praise for them. GREAT PLACE!... Great place!

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    More Ashburn Children's Dentistry, Ashburn VA Reviews 01:20

    More Ashburn Children's Dentistry, Ashburn VA Reviews

    by KidzSmile5 (6/4/13) 2 views

    ... We have always been very happy with the quality of the staff and the overall friendly atmosphere. THE STAFF IS WARM, PROFESSIONAL AND... My family has been coming to Ashburn Children's Denistry for almost seven years. The staff is warm, professional and always upbeat! Doctor Lynda is a joy and truly understands the needs of children. EXTREMELY NICE! MY SON TOOK A FEW M... Very nice staff. Extremely nice! My son took a few minutes to warm up to the process, but it was nice to see him adjust. Thank you!! LOVE BRIDGETTE AND DR. RISHIDA!, J... Love Bridgette and Dr. Rishida!, Joy has excellent customer service. DOCS AND TECHS CAN TAME EVEN THE WILDEST CHILD ;) Docs and techs can tame even the wildest child ;) EXCELLENT... Excellent. Thank you! IT WAS GREAT... It was great. Thank you for being accomodating!!

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    Ashburn Children's Dentistry, Ashburn VA 01:20

    Ashburn Children's Dentistry, Ashburn VA

    by KidzSmile5 (6/3/13) 2 views

    MY DAUGHTER REALLY LIKES COMING HER... My daughter really likes coming here . BRITTANY IS EXCELLENT WITH EVELYN, ... I appreciated that the service was on time today. Brittany is excellent with Evelyn, and I am confident in Dr. Linda's recommendations and care. ... Stephanie came in for a cleaning and the visit went very smooth! It was a great visit. I LOVE THE CARING OF EVERYONE AND T... Great staff and wonderful care. I love the caring of everyone and the professionalism. Just wish there was a bit less paperwork and updating of info. :) EVERY VISIT WE HAVE HAD HAS BEEN GR... Every visit we have had has been great. Today we came in for a mouth injury, and the atmosphere kept things calm and fun for my son. He has even asked to go to the dentist for fun on occasion. :) EVERYONE IS VERY KIND AND ENCOURAGI... Everyone is very kind and encouraging. Thank you!

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    Laser No Drill Dentistry VA 01:20

    Laser No Drill Dentistry VA

    by KidzSmile5 (6/2/13) 5 views

    WHETHER IT BE FOR 6MO CLEANING OR H... We love going to the dentist office. Whether it be for 6mo cleaning or having ortho work done (we love you Patricia!) my kids have the best experience with no fears or worries. All positive and fun which makes them have beautiful smiles! DR. DANG AND MR. FRANCIS HAVE BEEN ... My child had a pronounced overbite. Dr. Dang and Mr. Francis have been wonderful in helping us to resolve this issue. They are supportive, friendly, careful and efficient. It has been three months and significant progress has been made. My child feels comfortable here, her questions are answered, and Francis is very considerate and especially careful when the work is being done. WE KEEP COMING EVEN THOUGHH WE DONT... We keep coming even thoughh we dont live in Ashburn any more, because you are so good with the kids.. NO ISSUES... You all are doing a wonderful job. No issues

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    Laser No Shot Dentistry VA 01:20

    Laser No Shot Dentistry VA

    by KidzSmile5 (5/29/13) 0 views

    MY KIDS ACTUALLY LOVE COMING TO THE... Everyone here has always been very professional and friendly. My kids actually love coming to the dentist! Dr. Rashita is awesome! WE LOVE DR. LYNDA! SHE MAKES THE K... We love Dr. Lynda! She makes the kids feel very comfortable about their experience at the dentist. SAMANTHA AND DR. LYNDA WERE FABULOU... Absolutely magical experience. Samantha and dr. Lynda were fabulous with the girls. They love the movies and goodie bags. DOCS AND TECHS CAN TAME EVEN THE WILDEST CHILD ;) Docs and techs can tame even the wildest child ;) MY KIDS LOVE THIS PLACE My kids love this place GREAT VISIT... Follow up today on a tooth extraction. Great visit. THEY ALWAYS HAVE A POSITVE EXPERIEN... Courtney and ryan have been coming since they were 1. They always have a positve experience and have great dental health and hygine habits.

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    Kids Tongue Tie Asbhurn VA 01:20

    Kids Tongue Tie Asbhurn VA

    by KidzSmile5 (5/28/13) 1 views

    THE STAFF IS AWESOME! GREAT EXPERI... The staff is awesome! Great experience. Cant wait to come back. Love the movies available. SERVICE AND STAFF IS OITSTANDING!! ... Service and staff is outstanding!! Would highly recommend Dr. Lynda. DR. DURU WAS HIGHLY RECOMENDED BY O... When we came to Ashburn 12 years ago we looked for a dentist for our boys. Dr. Duru was highly recomended by our neighbors. The boys had such a great visit their first time at ages 4 & 6, that we have been coming back ever since. My boys never have had a fear or great dislike of the dentist due to the staff and entertainment at this office, from the choo choo train when they were little to the video games and DVD choices now. The cost has often exceeded the allowable cost for our insurancein the past, but in the long run, the boys' comfort going ro the dentist has made up for it.

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    Infants Tongue Tie Ashburn VA 01:20

    Infants Tongue Tie Ashburn VA

    by KidzSmile5 (5/28/13) 0 views

    AS USUAL, SUPER JOB TONIGHT ON MATT... As usual, super job tonight on Matthew! He came in for a few sealants and a those taken care of 1-2-3. He was also complaining of a painful baby tooth and after Dr. Wood took a look at it, she determined it wasn't going to make it out easily on its own. The extraction looked painless....importantly, Matthew didn't mind one bit! The dental assistants did a wonderful job as well as the ladies at the front desk :) SUSAN WAS PROFESSIONAL AND MADE US ... Susan was professional and made us feel very relaxed. Dr rishita was great as well. Frances was very imformative and also made us very relaxed. As for Dr. Linda. What can u say. She's phenomonal. VERY ORGANIZED AND SUPER FRIENDLY S... Very organized and super friendly staff. Clean, fun, and well layed out environment. The level of detail in explaining everything was appreciated.

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