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    Shareaholic A Handing Social Booking Tool 03:27

    Shareaholic A Handing Social Booking Tool

    by Kiruba2020 (9/27/09) 75 views

    Shareaholic’s functionality is fairly straightforward. You find a site you like, click on the plugin’s button nestled in your browser toolbar, and choose which service you’d like to share it to (there’s dozens of options, including sites like Facebook, Digg, and delicious). This functionality isn’t especially unique — there are plenty of other apps that make it easy to share interesting websites and media with friends. But Shareaholic does have the advantage of being compatible with every major browser, including support for IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari. And perhaps more important is the startup’s success at grabbing attention of the browser makers themselves: Shareaholic is a featured Firefox extension (it’s shown on the browser’s ‘Get Started’ page) and Microsoft has previously distributed it preinstalled with some copies if Internet Explorer 8.

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    URL Shorteners 01:14

    URL Shorteners

    by Kiruba2020 (9/25/09) 62 views

    Yesterday, Twitter was bombarded by tweets using the hashtags beforesex, aftersex, and duringsex. It wasnt long before people were using those tags to send out malicious links. Its a problem because virus makers know that any trending topic is likely to be searched for a lot, so they can just ride that wave and catch unsuspecting users who are curious to click on links. Googles Joshua Schachter, who started Delicious, wrote about this and the other problems with URL shorteners earlier this year. While URL shorteners like have begun warning users about potentially harmful links, others dont bother. And lets be honest, most of us click on links from friends regardless of what URL shortener they are using.

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    Hide Open Windows with a Shake Screencast Video

    Hide Open Windows with a Shake Screencast Video

    by Kiruba2020 (9/25/09) 90 views

    If you are using Windows XP or Vista, you can use the keyboard shortcut "Windows key + M" to minimize all open windows and clear the desktop screen in one go. Windows 7 has something better it lets you minimize all open windows except the one thats currently active on your desktop. This should be pretty handy in situations where you need a distraction free desktop like when you are reading an important document inside Microsoft Word and want to hide other windows that may be open in the background.

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    Austin Powers 100 Billion Dollars

    Austin Powers 100 Billion Dollars

    by Kiruba2020 (9/25/09) 410 views

    37signals founder Jason Fried probably had the post of the day today mocking Twitters $1 billion valuation on its latest rumored round of funding. The post, titled PRESS RELEASE: 37SIGNALS VALUATION TOPS $100 BILLION AFTER BOLD VC INVESTMENT is very funny. But its also disingenuous. Dr Evil's moneterily chalenged plan to extort the world

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    Google Chrome Frame 01:50

    Google Chrome Frame

    by Kiruba2020 (9/23/09) 1,173 views

    Googles Chromium Blog has just announced the Chrome Frame, an open-source plug-in that enables Internet Explorer to run HTML5 and other advanced web technologies. Chrome Frame also steps on Microsofts toes a little, since its also a way for Google to give loyal IE users a taste of Google Chrome.

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