My Videos

My Videos

I'm a gypsy girl tattoo artist with two lives... One in Detroit the other in small town Utah. These digital shorts are little bits and pieces of both.


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    The House 10:03

    The House

    by Kita Kazoo (8/31/07) 1,120 views

    Our friend Red is renting an old house down in Benjamin Utah for a Halloween Attraction. The house has a reputation for being haunted. This is our first visit to the house. There are several orbs, mists and evp in this footage. Usually you go someplace haunted and shoot a bunch of footage and hope you catch a ghost. This time I was hoping to shoot footage of the house but had to be constantly telling the ghosts to get out of the way! Filmed by Kita Kazoo

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    Dogs... Feet... And Sex 02:52

    Dogs... Feet... And Sex

    by Kita Kazoo (7/9/07) 463,834 views

    A hot Sunday afternoon... A little spare time... Two different videos shoots and lots of editing... Filmed in Utah by Kita KazooWarm fuzzies and all!How You Want It Done by Big Bill Broonzy 1893-1958 - Copy Right Expired

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    Wow! 01:16


    by Kita Kazoo (7/4/07) 972 views

    After a hard day at the tattoo shop the guys who work for me become annoyingly funny! Filmed in Utah by Kita Kazoo