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Thailand's super China Chick hip hopping her way to Hollywood is excellent entertainment exclusive to Metacafe - Check it out - 5 stars!!!!! Hip Hop China Chick was born in a poor village in the North of Thailand, one day when she went to the city with her parents she saw a TV playing a movie and from that day on she dreamt of going to Hollywood. Her only problem is how to get there, she has no-way of letting Hollywood know her or does she? When she heard about about Metacafe she decided to dance her little heart out on a car rooftop out in front of a shopping mall and act like a superstar. Hip Hop China Girl begs for all those that believe in giving a young girl a chance in life to please give the her 5 stars that she deserves and that her dream comes true. Hip Hop China Chick promises free autographs for all 5 star voters once she makes the Hollywood limelight. Hip Hop China Chick gives her love, hugs and kisses to all her loyal supporters XXX See you in Hollywood XXX Please note that just in case viewers are not 100% convinced that China Chick has got what it takes she has decided to shoot one last video for Metacafe this Friday night! Stay tuned for her Thailand fame and fortune first
  • 21 Mar 2007
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Thaksin's TV station iTV is questioned by IPS regarding how far they are prepared to go to uphold their journalistic rights. This question was asked at a public press release held at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand and makes one wonder about the true manipulators of the media in the world today and in particular here in Bangkok Thailand iTV has been closed down now by General Sonthi the coup leader who ousted the corrupt Thaksin Shinawatra from power. Multinational companies have been using financial influence in the form of advertising and shareholdings in order to provide political sport for their sponsors and to enable tax evasion to exist rampantly.
  • 27 Mar 2007
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Police Chief Seripisuth commented on automobile tax evasion at the FCCT on the 28th April - the video is here: ***********/videoplay?docid=-6623382580061139691 Part 2 of a six part series on massive tax evasion that is bleeding the Thai Government dry of funds and stunting the nation's advancement. In this episode we see Colonel Boong investigating Toyota's involement in numerous automobile tax evasion strategies. Colonel Boong reveals insurance fraud, registration fraud, customer care fraud and tax evasion - on top of this Colonel Boong is poisoned by his defective Toyota Vios which was leaking toxic gases directly into the driver's compartment. In this epic Colonel Boong plays David and Toyota plays Goliath
  • 23 Feb 2007
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Police Colonel Boong investigates massive tax evasion involving corrupt Thai government officials in several departments. Toyota and Kuehne and Nagel are investigated for fraud. Based in Bangkok Thailand Colonel Boong uses real life investigations and interviews with prime suspects in order to show us the different strategies used by White Collar Criminals. In part 1 he visits the headquarters of Toyota and meets their almost speechless management. This documentary/news item is in Thai - if their is sufficient demand a sub-titled version will be released. This type of investigative analysis based on real tax evasion is a fabulous tool for police departments the world over that are serious about protecting budgets and enforcing correct tax payments. After being poisoned by gases leaking into the drivers compartment Colonel Boong investigates Toyota Thailand and General Electric Finance
  • 26 Feb 2007
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We take you on a trip around Sanam Luang Park past the Grand Palace and over the Pinklao Bridge in less than 4 minutes!! A virtual tour - you will see that there is not so much traffic in Bangkok if you avoid the rush hour - you will see the colonial style in a country that was never colonised. You will see the candy color taxis of Bangkok If there are other areas of Bangkok that you would like me to film then leave your suggestions as comments and I shall try to provide them for you on Metacafe
  • 20 Feb 2007
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Warm up for the final showdown in the latest amazing sport to rock Bangkok Automobile Aerobics - you can judge once their solo erotic pieces are uploaded China Girl is the chick in the foreground and Siam Girl is the chick in the background Place your bets now and watch the coyote finals here on Metacafe - guaranteed to be hotter than hot!!! Erotic Streetside Coyote Contests are often held outside the IT Mall Laksi Plaza Bangkok Thailand Dont forget to vote if you enjoyed this video! Muff magic and amazing arse in this big bonanza of killer dancers shaking it like it has never been shaken before. sexier yet more civilised beyond your wildest dreams Super Sexy 5 star China Chick online Metacafe - see it here: *******www.metacafe****/watch/473467/china_chick_hip_hops_to_fame/
  • 18 Feb 2007
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Al Fresco Aerobics China Chick vs Tasty Thai Tango - Misc shots of China Girl and Siam Girl warming up for the erotic dancing art burnout who do you think will win, the contest is scheduled to be broadcast on Metacafe in the near future Enjoy Excellent Erotic Entertainment Everyday at the IT Mall Laksi Bangkok Thailand with up to 50 Thai coyote girls in any one showdown Not sure why this gets an 18 rating though - what do you think? china girl siam dancers dancing thai thailand bangkok erotic sexy erotica sex sensual art come and cream to your heart's delight enjoy! There is no pussy pubic hair arse ass tits or clits in this video - There is no sex skin felatio cunnilingus oral or anal sex in this video whatsoever.
  • 18 Feb 2007
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As promised Siam Girl gets hotter as the night goes on stay tuned for the midnight burn out between Siam Girl and China Girl - here we see Siam Girl becoming more erotic and letting loose - never before has any class modern exotic erotica been seen on any channel A world first brought to you yet again on Metacafe once we get to the finale Le Falcon will take you for a sneak peak at the Bangkok fetish clubs for the most sensual mindblowing sexy coyote dancing including Bangkok's infamous coyote pirates - media to redefine the standards of Erotic Entertainement - this is NOT pornography - it is Retro Erotica aka Glam or Tantalizing Takes. Do you think the censors were a bit harsh giving this an 18+ rating? It is definately arousing but there is no nudity whatsoever.
  • 22 Feb 2007
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The Thai Coyote Coup of Fun and Freedom in Bangkok's shopping malls is great entertainment for men and women - it shows a degree of tolerance and good clean fun that is hard to find elsewhere in the world. Here we continue to introduce Sexy SiamGirl and soon Le Falcon will bring you Charismatic China Girl and their solo orgasmic performances - a world's first for erotica lovers! virtual frigging and humping beyond your wildest dreams 5 star China Chick online but hidden bu Metacafe - see it here: *******www.metacafe****/watch/473467/china_chick_hip_hops_to_fame/
  • 19 Feb 2007
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