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    Happy Island Hack Para for Coins!!! FIXED !! 01:49

    Happy Island Hack Para for Coins!!! FIXED !!

    by LeviMcclure4320 (9/10/10) 111 views

    download link: http://mydownloadcool.com/Rice614/Island As Xbox 360® readies What is machinima for the next wave of audience gamertag change expansion, Microsoft today announced usa a new Xbox free habbo credits experience that will canada reinvent home entertainment from the inside out, changing the way we play games, watch movies and TV shows,

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    My Island After the Hack 01:21

    My Island After the Hack

    by LeviMcclure4320 (9/10/10) 37 views

    download link: http://mydownloadcool.com/Rice614/after hello people of earth this is TheMrGamesHacker i will be from the first who uploads a hack video on youtube but only games of Facebook this is a video of my island after the hack so if anyone saying that it doesn't work see that so if you love hacking games subscribe to be the first to know about a new hack. if you want to be a fan of me on facebook click on this site

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    Happy Island - Ultimate Coin Hack 03:37

    Happy Island - Ultimate Coin Hack

    by LeviMcclure4320 (9/10/10) 55 views

    download link: http://mydownloadcool.com/Rice614/Ultimate You can post contents of this video to your website as well as instructions on how to do this cheat, but leave credits to me -- phoenixric -- Here's the newest working approach for this cheat :

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    PWNTHIS Critter Island Cheat 02:36

    PWNTHIS Critter Island Cheat

    by LeviMcclure4320 (9/10/10) 175 views

    download link: http://mydownloadcool.com/Rice614/PWNTHIS Unfortunately, if you're watching this, the rest of the videos are NOT in order on my page. You will have to look at the "More Videos from Yodude1017" Tab. Sorry for the inconvenience. Monkey Island 2, while the Amiga Version has already been posted, the PC version has some differences I think these kinds of discussions are usually based on what you played first. Graphics are almost exactly the same, and the only true difference is the music, which can be argued as simply being opinion. I could be wrong though, I never played the Amiga version

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    Monkey Island 2 Hacks - Text To Speech 01:20

    Monkey Island 2 Hacks - Text To Speech

    by LeviMcclure4320 (9/10/10) 162 views

    download link: http://mydownloadcool.com/Rice614/Monkey A little proof of concept hack, showing how prices of items (stored as integers in the script) can be translated into speech. How this hack was done: 1) Create the basic text-to-speech script, that accepts an integer number and converts and splits it into its component strings (using Scummbler) 2) Unpack the MI2 resources (using ScummPacker) 3) Edit the original script to redirect to the new script at the appropriate time (through hex editing) 4) Pack the MI2 resources (including adding the new script) 5) Record the speech as OGG files and store it in a monster.sog file (using ScummSpeaks) 5) Use ScummSpeaks to assign the speech files to the appropriate text (also extracting/inserting the text from the game usign ScummTr) 6) Profit All tools mentioned are available at my website, www.jestarjokin.net. If you're wondering why Guybrush is carrying around some fat loot, I used the debug mode to teleport from the start of the game to Booty Island. Kinda funny how they don't accept his money though.

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    Quest on Full Moon Island (Spring 2010) 02:37

    Quest on Full Moon Island (Spring 2010)

    by LeviMcclure4320 (9/10/10) 29 views

    download link: http://bitemydoc.com/Moran916/Moon Check my profile if you want to see other videos of this hack. The musics used in the trailer are called Sweet Lullaby (made by Kc), Sunny Fields (made by gpetry) and Underwater City (from Rudra no Hihou, ported by FPI).

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    Mw2 New Island Out Side Karachi (Speed Hack) 02:39

    Mw2 New Island Out Side Karachi (Speed Hack)

    by LeviMcclure4320 (9/10/10) 258 views

    download link: http://bitemydoc.com/Moran916/Island Sorry for the bad quality!!!! on this video im going to show you how to get on a new island in the map favela. This Glitch was found by me (except from the elevator). if anyone knows a software that can film a ps3's screen please send me a message or leave me a comment. Thankz you for watching please subscribe.

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    Hack Happy ISland FaceBook 03:30

    Hack Happy ISland FaceBook

    by LeviMcclure4320 (9/10/10) 108 views

    download link: http://bitemydoc.com/Moran916/iSland How To Hack Happy Island?!?!' The Hack of the money will be patched.. But the Hack of Speed it isn't patched :) The Software: Cheat Engine 5.6 Mozilla Firefox CamStudio

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