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Lilliiana's Channel

I'm a pretty avid AMV maker, but also still more or less learning the ropes. Anything youtube does NOT accept, I put on here :3 Eventually, I'll probably end up just switching to this one completely xD


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    Kael - RP Character Dedication 03:34

    Kael - RP Character Dedication

    by Lilliiana (11/16/10) 24 views

    So, technically speaking this is a tribute to one of my friend's DnD characters, Kael, who sort've has a love-hate relationship going on with my character Leta. Guy and Marian really seem to symbolize aspects our characters have, and luckily Guy is somewhat similar in appearance to Kael (and sort've what I end up imagining him looking like when we RP x-x; ). The yellow-ish parts are were I sort've tried to symbolize a scene where there were elves that had been killed by Kael; Leta gets pissed off, and the rest shows sort've like things that happen a short period of time afterward, eventually ending (at least in the video) with her forcing him to completely leave. SO. I thought this song really fit the whole, "I'm trying to get out of this raging-werewolf-loner-guy stage, but we kind've both know I can't." aspect of Kael. Leta doesn't really appreciate anything he does for her (and he does do a lot), and every time they start to get close, she suddenly turns around and completely rejects him and forcing HIM, not her, to be the one to walk away. Side note no one but the guy who plays Kael will understand: I CAN'T BELIEVE I FOUND A CARRIAGE IN THE ACTUAL SERIES, BUT I DID, SO GO ME BECAUSE IT TOTALLY TIES EVERYTHING TOGETHER. WOO.

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    Eye in the Sky - Claymore 05:25

    Eye in the Sky - Claymore

    by Lilliiana (4/12/10) 49 views

    It was the only thing I could do. It was the only choice I had. I gave in. I accepted. I believed. I allowed it to be true. I thought...I'd be able to go through with it without ever doubting myself. But hurt so much. The people who should be here, aren't. The ones who should be smiling with me aren't here. "I have no choice." Always I had no choice. Those were my magic words, I repeat them to myself again and again, but you know...the magic never worked. The only thing we're left regret. I don't want this anymore.

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    Arwen - Eden 04:01

    Arwen - Eden

    by Lilliiana (12/20/09) 106 views

    For my friend Fang, who I know via WoW : D He said he liked LotR, and I thought this song fit Arwen really well, so um, YEAH : D Happy x-mas Fang! ^_^

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    Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Happy Birthday 03:28

    Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Happy Birthday

    by Lilliiana (12/20/09) 997 views

    HELLO GOING-OUT-OF-MY-BOX. No seriously, this is my first MoHS video, and I'm pretty darn proud :P Made for Bullumz birthday (if the song, which is Korean btw, didn't make that PERFECTLY clear it was birthday need a new brainz.) I honestly just like the beat more so than the lyrics, which, I dunno...I guess since I don't understand it in Korean, and can only understand the Eng. translation, it kinda kills it a bit or something. I dunno x-x BUT. It says BIRTHDAY. A LOT. WHICH IS THE MAIN POINT : D So. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BULLUMZ : D TRANSLATIONZ: Monday, I'm still lying in bed Tuesday, yep that's right I am in a sleep colder than she is cold Wake me up shockingly please I am not sufficiently shocked yet Wednesday, I don't want to go to school Thursday, but even so I still have to go A day is not to be spent lazing around Even if I don't know what's going on, let's run around and see It's my birthday, just me and my birthday My heart is beating fast, I might change in a second I don't know about you, but if I were to be reborn I would still run to you Friday, can't find my motivation Saturday, the day that all students wait for It's supposed to be Saturday Night Fever But I have nowhere to go It's my birthday, just me and my birthday My heart is beating fast, I might change in a second I don't know about you, but if I were to be reborn I would still run to you Today is a sweet day with you, please don't stand me up It's my birthday, the sweet day with you Our first day Don't put my hand next to you I love you, birthday, it started with a first day My heart is beating so fast, I might change in a second Although you don't know it, I am spending the whole day with you, only today Even if you don't know it, I am spending the whole of today, just today, with you.

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