Here's my first song "Top Secret"! New Single by Linda Roberts, New Music Video! I have just released my first single from my new Album to be released later this year. The MP3 of "Top Secret" is available for download at iTunes**** and here on Youtube you can click to go buy it if you want. I wrote this song because there have been theories throughout history about UFO's and Government coverups and power gone bad, etc... and they are becoming so unacceptable that I would like to help bring awareness to people. We can stand up and boycott something we don't like here in our democratic society! Listen to the words in this song and you will know exactly what I mean. Enjoy! I am an independant Singer/Songwriter hoping to be able finish my Album this year! It takes a lot to get an Album and music videos done, I want to put more and more out!! I hope everyone likes my first single here, "Top Secret"! If you do, let me know and tell your friends about it, and send them the link to my Youtube channel so they can watch my video too!! Call your radio station and request it! And embed this video, if you want to, free on your site, blog or YT channel! I tried to make it like a mini espionage, consiracy, spy movie! I had a blast making this video! I really hope everyone likes it! Thanks so much for your support in advance if you like my music and performance and buy my MP3. My website LindaRobertsMusic**** has some special memorabillia and the karaoke with lyrics version available too! Bringing Awareness, Entertaining people and helping everyone have a good time and unwind is my favorite thing about being an entertainer! Thanks for watching and commenting or sharing this video around the web!!! Stay tuned for more to come!! Peace!
  • 10 May 2011
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New Talent Singer Songwriter Linda Roberts sings the song "Black Velvet" dedicated to Elvis Presley! This is when I was appearing in Atlantic City at Ceasars Lounge with my band The Spice of Life! This was an awesome gig, I love AC! So I hope you enjoy my video and this song! I'm inspired by Tina Turner, she's my idol! And Michael Jackson, I actually met him! And I am also inspired by Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Madonna, Steven Tyler and Aerosmith and many more like Walt Disney, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, The jonas Brothers They're cute! And Justin Bieber and Usher, can't forget them!! Well, so much is happening these days, I have some new songs I've written and am working on videos for. I'll put up my first All Original song soon! Stay tuned, Subscribe and you'll be one of the first to see the video for my my new song!
  • 7 Sep 2010
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New Talent Sexy Female Singer Music Artist Linda Roberts sings I Will Survive, performed on stage on The Nordic Prince Cruise Ship! This was the time of my life!! I sang and performed in an amazing Rabco Production vegas style show (living on the ship and earning a nice paycheck I might add) and on my days off the show (8 days a week) I was able to put together a little cocktail show with the british band on the ship. I didn't even get paid for this little 30 minute show, it was a blast and I didn't need to get paid! This is the opening song I sang for this cocktail show. I have some other videos I will put up of more cocktail shows I did on the ship while I was on it for a year! I met some of my best friends working in the Rabco show, I'll put some of those videos up soon too!! I Hope everyone likes my singing and performing! Please subscribe to my channel and leave me a comment or message! If you subscribe, then you'll know when I put new videos up!!
  • 16 Aug 2010
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New Talent Singer Songwriter Linda Roberts sings Tina Turner Medley on the road with the band Amusement park! Tina Turner is awesome!! I love to sing her songs. I also love Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, and I am so inspired by these artists. I was on the road singing with bands and shows for over 15 years! I Love doing shows and seeing everyone having a great time! Singing cover songs like these is my passion and now I'm writing my own original songs and have a few of the newest ones almost ready to let eveyone hear!! I'm going to work on a video of my original music and put it up here on my Youtube channel very soon!
  • 23 Jul 2010
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New Talent Singer songwriter Linda Roberts Music Singing Tina Turner song. Tina Turner is my idol. I'm a Female Artist, Musician, Vegas Stage act. My all Original songs are coming soon! This is my New Metacafe channel where I will feature my cover song videos. These are songs I sang on the road with my band and shows in Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City and every hotel in between!! I will be showcasing my new original songs here as well, so become my fan if you're not already and watch for my exciting video updates!! You may be the first to hear my hit songs before the rest of the world!! Subscribe to my Youtube channel and you'll be notified when I add a new song or video!! Isn't Justin Bieber cute!!
  • 23 Jul 2010
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