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    Needle Through Balloon Revealed 01:32

    Needle Through Balloon Revealed

    by saskview (10/26/08) 110,231 views

    No tape or trickery: this is real! A balloon is examined & blown up by a spectator, then a long needle is plunged through the balloon without popping it. Please click saskview under Mac the Moose to view more cool videos. Thanks for watching!

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    One Minute Ceiling Install 01:09

    One Minute Ceiling Install

    by saskview (9/30/08) 14,948 views

    One days work squeezed into one minute. Do not attempt this at home (but your garage might be OK)! Time-lapse video of garage ceiling installation using a drywall lift. If you liked this video please check out One Minute Garage Build on my channel: you'll see this garage being built.

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    One Minute Garage Build 01:05

    One Minute Garage Build

    by saskview (9/9/08) 25,254 views

    These guys work so fast they charge by the second! Time-lapse of a well coordinated framing team building a residential garage. It pays to get the right crew. The garage was built in one day, and the video squeezed down to one minute.

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    SpeedyCreek Kite Fest 01:58

    SpeedyCreek Kite Fest

    by saskview (8/24/08) 9,496 views

    Annual Windscape kite fest with incredible kites and action! Featuring Team iquad flying Revolution Kites. Thanks guys! June 21st and 22nd, 2008 at Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada!

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    Longest Duke Boys Jump! 01:06

    Longest Duke Boys Jump!

    by Howie_D (7/4/08) 29,929 views

    This jump was filmed at Dukefest 2008 in Atlanta Ga. If you're a Dukes of Hazard fan vote them high! :) Thanks to Bobo for doing most of the work on this film. If this video makes any money, some of the proceeds will go to the Zaxby's fund. :-)

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    Boomerang Can!

    Boomerang Can!

    by Howie_D (5/20/08) 25,741 views

    Make a boomerang can. Great for KIDS! Will return everytime, just roll it and get ready to catch it. :)

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    Soda Prank

    Soda Prank

    by Nextraker (4/25/08) 175,005 views

    Awesome Prank You can Do On a Friend or Co Worker. Watch this video to find out how. Office Pranks Vol.3