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    What to Do if Your Luggage is Lost 02:20

    What to Do if Your Luggage is Lost

    by Luggage Jacket (12/27/11) 3 views

    Expert advice on what to do if your bag or luggage is lost by the airline. What is the process you should follow? What will the airline reimburse? What should you expect? Beau Rials is here to give you those answers and more! If you are left at the carousel without your bag, you need to know the process. Ease your concerns with expert knowledge. Travel Bytes, brought to you by Luggage Jacket, is expert travel advice for the modern traveler- quick, easy, and brought right to your screen.

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    Avoid Losing Your Luggage 02:06

    Avoid Losing Your Luggage

    by Luggage Jacket (11/22/11) 12 views

    Travel Bytes is a series of short video installments helping you make the most of your travel experiences. In this edition of Travel Bytes host Beau Rials provides tips on how to avoid losing your luggage on your next business trip or vacation. Travel Bytes is a production of On The Mark Productions - Mark Solley, Executive Producer.