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    Fahmi Hwedi 1 04:56

    Fahmi Hwedi 1

    by MAALI65 (1/14/09) 378 views

    Fahmi Hwedi is one of the renowned political writers in middle east. Here are some of his views in several topics. Arabic only. part 1/2.

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    Gaza Day 12 02:01

    Gaza Day 12

    by MAALI65 (1/7/09) 228 views

    12 days of war crimes! Announced target has not been achieved and as we all know they will never be achieved, so long injustice exists in this 21st century! Anybody (human) there to listen????

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    Siege Break 03:46

    Siege Break

    by MAALI65 (1/7/09) 382 views

    Instead of solving the vicious circle of violence, the "free world" further ignites its fire. Siege on Gaza major escalation of violence. Real free people tried to protest.

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    Rafah Crossing 03:51

    Rafah Crossing

    by MAALI65 (1/7/09) 45 views

    Certain opportunists tried to create havoc by pretending that Rafah Crossing is "the" problem and Egyptian authorities "are" the origin of the problem. See sequence in video then try finding an answer to: Who deliberately delayed the wounded from reaching the crossing for almost three days? Unbelievable, isn't it?

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    Uranium Use 03:37

    Uranium Use

    by MAALI65 (1/6/09) 329 views

    White phsphorus & depleted uranium use in weapons, in view of human rights declaration in its anniversary. Who are leading nations in their use?

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    Egypt Journalists 02:37

    Egypt Journalists

    by MAALI65 (1/6/09) 1,595 views

    Aggression on Gaza regrettably used by opportunists for self benefits. Journalist Syndicate is used to reflect false public opinion. This video is a collection of media screening of several demonstrations in Egypt.

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    Dr. Hassan Asfour 07:22

    Dr. Hassan Asfour

    by MAALI65 (1/3/09) 525 views

    Extract from a TV interview with Dr. Hassan in view of aggression on Gaza. Interesting points of view. Arabic only.

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    Human Traficking 04:17

    Human Traficking

    by MAALI65 (1/2/09) 339 views

    This is an issue to be tackled seriously by global community. Extracted from Al-Jazera TV reportage. English only.

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