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    MLB1949, 02:09

    MLB1949, "Gov. Wallace Concedes 1968 Election to Richard Nixon"

    by MLB1949 (4/11/10) 241 views

    also appears: SUMMARY: With little broad support in the states outside his own Deep South, Alabama Governor George C. Wallace's third-party bid -- he was the 1968 Presidential nominee of the American Independent Party -- was doomed from the outset. Although he garnered nearly 10 million popular votes (most of which would have gone to fellow-"Law-and-Order" candidate Richard M. Nixon in a normal two-party race), Wallace carried just five states, for a total of 46 electoral votes. In this video, Wallace concedes the 1968 Presidential Election to Richard Nixon and expresses his hope for a successful Nixon Administration. He wishes for Nixon to be successful because, as Wallace states, "I am an American." The footage shown is from the Wallace Campaign HQs, in Montgomery, Alabama, late in the morning of Wednesday, November 6, 1968.

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    MLB1949, "VP Humphrey Concedes 1968 Election to Richard Nixon"

    by MLB1949 (4/11/10) 269 views

    also appears: SUMMARY: By mid-morning the day after the Tuesday, November 5, 1968, U.S. Presidential election, Illinois' 26 electoral votes were safely in the Nixon column, and Democrat Hubert Humphrey -- Lyndon Johnson's Vice-President -- knew the game was up. Humphrey called the new Preident-elect with his congratulations, and then appeared with his wife and family before members of the media and assembled campaign supporters. This video is from Humphrey Campaign HQs, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Wednesday, November 6, 1968.

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    MLB1949, 1968 Election, 04:13

    MLB1949, 1968 Election, "It All Comes Down to ILLINOIS!"

    by MLB1949 (4/11/10) 208 views

    also appears: SUMMARY: Eerily similar to the U.S. Presidential Election eight years before, the results of the 1968 contest would not be known until late the following morning...with the entire nation again awaiting the results from the Land of Lincoln. It is just before noon, Eastern Time, that Illinois' 26 electoral votes are safely in the Nixon column ... and the contest is decided. The major reason the election popular vote totals were so extremely close between the two major-party candidates -- Democrat Hubert Humphrey and Republican Richard Nixon -- was due to the Alabama Governor George Wallace's third-party bid as the nominee of the American Independent Party. In a normal two-man race, the overwhelming majority of Wallace's nearly 10 million popular votes would have gone to the other "Law-and-Order" candidate, Nixon ... who would have then scored a landslide victory over Humphrey. As you will see in this video, this fact was NEVER mentioned by the TV analysts. This three-way contest was ultimately not decided until late the following morning. With the Illinois vote from all 102 counties finally in, the national television networks do the math and declare Richard Nixon the new President-elect. This footage is from late Wednesday morning, November 6, 1968.

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    MLB1949, 1968 Campaign TV Ad, 01:08

    MLB1949, 1968 Campaign TV Ad, "An Honorable End to Vietnam War"

    by MLB1949 (4/11/10) 422 views

    also appears: SUMMARY: This is a short, devastating, rebuff of Lyndon B. Johnson's failed War Presidency. LBJ spent billions of American tax dollars and placed more than 560,000 U.S. troops over there...but there was still "no end in sight / no sign of victory" regarding our American involvement in the VietNam War. Originally aired Autumn, 1968.

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    MLB1949, 04:11

    MLB1949, "1968 Campaign Ad, 'The Democrats' Failed Leadership!'"

    by MLB1949 (4/11/10) 236 views

    also appears: SUMMARY: This 1968 political television commercial accurately summarizes the historical legacy of the 1964-68 Lyndon Johnson-Hubert Humphrey Administration: The Democrats' wasteful Big Government and Great Society programs; the continuing urban riots and destruction, college campus demonstrations, and disrespect for authority; the "10% War Surcharge Tax" added-on to the already-high individual tax burden; and, the prolonged -- seemingly unwinnable -- war in VietNam...the Southeast Asian conflict in which billions of taxpayer dollars were wasted and where Johnson had stationed more than 560,000 American troops by 1968...with neither an end nor victory in sight. Not surprisingly, Johnson realized he had no chance of winning in November and publicly declared his refusal (the evening of Sunday, March 31st) "to seek or to accept the nomination of my Party for another term as your President."

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    MLB1949: What the '68 Presidential Election Was Really All About

    MLB1949: What the '68 Presidential Election Was Really All About

    by MLB1949 (4/11/10) 230 views

    MLB1949Website — March 12, 2010 — also appears: SUMMARY: This is a short excerpt from the speech by former Vice-President Richard M. Nixon as he accepts the 1968 Republican Party nomination for the office of President of the United States of America. (August 8, 1968: Miami Beach Convention Center)