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    The Honeysuckle Rap 01:29

    The Honeysuckle Rap

    by MacaroniMan17 (7/1/12) 187 views

    This video on YouTube: Lyrics included and download link once I get it up It would have been so easy to make this inappropriate lol I tried to make this one completely oc for my pride

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    Parody 03:30

    Parody"Subscribe 2 My Page"Smashin Pumpkin-Bullet Butterfly Wing

    by MacaroniMan17 (1/27/12) 10 views

    Watch on YouTube: Character cap; full title would be "Parody: "Subscribe to My Page" (Smashing Pumpkins- 'Bullet with Butterfly Wings' Parody)" The song is more of the epic tone than actual funnynesses, but this video can still be enjoyed, especially if you know the song. My first work that is not necessarily intended for the usual audience of people I already know, and first that sort of appeals to my ..."criticisers" (*cough* I like the term haters). Sometime in the next few days, I'm also finally gonna add some channels to my box and on annotations on the end credits of this video, so speak up if YOU want a shout out and think I'll like your videos. A \ D HEE ) T3 - V1D30'S Me55AgE PLoX!!11!1! (Subscribe) Lyrics (a notice at the bottom): YouTube is an empire...sends to fa-a-a-a-a-ame All of the Partners...while us noobs put to shaaame And what do I get...can't obta-a-a-a-a-a-ain Twenty subscribers...and comments that I'm laaame Even though - I - wrote All my vi - de - os I'll always upload It's no jooooooooooooke Subscribe to my page, and you'll be laughing away Subscribe to my page, and we'll be hitting replay Then someone will say he's lost his touch and will cave Subscribe to my page, I will go bake you a cake! Now we'll make it...together to the top let's go They keep on hatin...we're an average Joe And what do you want?...I want to enterta-a-a-a-ain Will you box4box? ...Nah, I can maintaaain Don't have to - pro-mote All my vi - de - os I dont want to gloat It's a jooooooooooooke Subscribe to my page, Mac'roniMan17 Subscribe to my page don't forget to like and fav But someone'll say he's flagged, he must misbehave Subscribe to my page, or I'll punch you in the faaaaaace Smosh is not the only one Fred is not the only one VP is not the only one Shane is not only one VEVO 's not the only one you viiiieeeewwww Subscribe to my page, I'm really batshit insane Subscribe to my page get your dose of vitamin K But someone will say he's pos and much to lazy Subscribe to my page and I'll upload every DAAAAAAY Subscribe to my page, I will be thankin' ya, Subscribe to my page, I will say hey to ya Subscribe to my page if you could be so brave CH, not the only one Ray Johnson, not only one Featured's not the only stuff that's neeeeew And I still believe that we'll make it one day! And I still believe that we wont be enslaved! And I still believe that I can be forgave! And I can concede that we'll start a new wave! Oi: Despite the seemingly serious nature of this song, it's still for comedic fun. That being said, I aint condemning YouTube or any of the popular users I mentioned, in fact am a fan of all or most of them, which is why they GOT a mention, amiright? Yes, flag me for advertising you, please. (Of course this doesn't mean that if you're a well-known comedian whom I didn't mention that I don't like you too or anything) On that note, this video isn't really meant as an advertisement for MY page either, I mean it is still a song that I tried hard on after all...

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    Macaroni Man's SLINGSHOT Ride 01:15

    Macaroni Man's SLINGSHOT Ride

    by MacaroniMan17 (1/27/12) 105 views

    Watch on YouTube: Yes I admit this is a filler video. My mom's reaction is the real show. Smashing Pumpkins parody up next, then another cat video!

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    You Might Be a Redneck If.... 02:02

    You Might Be a Redneck If....

    by MacaroniMan17 (1/26/12) 16 views

    Some of these jokes are original, some of them not so much, some of them might not be but I thought they were. Some were inspired by real events, which means some of these I really did do. Song is Hillbilly Bone sang by Blake Shelton; silent is too silent and I couldn't find any freeplay songs that were good enough... yeah audio got blocked ay? "Well, shit." - Me

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    Rednecks Deepfrying Twinkies, Cupcakes, and Oreos 04:11

    Rednecks Deepfrying Twinkies, Cupcakes, and Oreos

    by MacaroniMan17 (1/22/12) 11 views

    Watch on YouTube: These are some of my uncles, they are normally able to contain their inherited redneckness, but...then he bought a deepfryer, so we went crazy. Earlier, we had deepfryed a whole turkey. It was good. We had an adventure with this actually, we dropped the plate and failed miserably with the snickers. You might be a redneck if you watched this video all the way through and still +1'd it.

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    Cat Scratch Game 02:55

    Cat Scratch Game

    by MacaroniMan17 (1/21/12) 40 views

    Watch on YouTube: NO CATS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS VIDEO. Seriously, Smokey likes doing this and it's his way of playing. Just get 2 people and a lazy cat to play: get on either side and alternate tapping his back until he rolls over. This is an intense game of reflex, for you must pull your hand back before you get scratched or you lose. Have fun

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    How to Make a Nacho Cheese Slushie 05:33

    How to Make a Nacho Cheese Slushie

    by MacaroniMan17 (1/21/12) 10 views

    Watch on YouTube: Skip to 4:50 if you just wanna see my legit reaction to drinking it. Heat up some velveeta, pharmasean (spellcheck), and cheddar cheese. Crush up some ice in the blender; then add milk, sugar, and maybe some illegal substances of your choice. Of course, you need some chips with cheese, so crumble some up into the blender. Pour the cheese in, and hope that it's not too thick to mix. Then pour it into a Redskin's cup and drink with a lemon straw. Enjoy :)

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    My Favorite Games (Parody of 01:30

    My Favorite Games (Parody of "My Favorite Things")

    by MacaroniMan17 (1/21/12) 144 views

    Watch on YouTube: I don't care if you hate it, this was fun to make since I got to play video games a lot in the process, which I normally don't have time for now. I took a break for a couple months when I made this video. Blog http://macaroniman17[dot]blogspot[dot]com/ My Favorite Games Lyrics: New gaming systems like Nintendo Wii XBox 360, and PlayStation 3 GameBoys, and GameCubes, everything we play Here are a few of my favorite games: Three Call of Duty's, those games with the shooting Dora and Diego, what? Hey, they're cool, ¿sí? Galaxy you fly with the Lunas through space Bowser, get your go-kart outta the race! I win fights more fast in the new Super Smash In Halo 3 I'll be sure to kick your....hindquarters! Silver Version, I caught all 150 Why can't I get past the balance test thing? When it's rainy When it's windy When I'm trapped inside I simply go into my own living room And play my friends with Wi-Fi!

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    Internet is DOWN (Parody of 03:35

    Internet is DOWN (Parody of "Down" by Jay Sean)

    by MacaroniMan17 (1/17/12) 9 views

    Watch on YouTube: If you've never had dialup, you won't appreciate this video to it's full potential..........but then again, if you had dialup NOW, then THERE'S NO WAY YOU'D VIEW THIS VIDEO BECAUSE IT WOULD TAKE TOO LONG TO LOAD! Sure some things are blurry, but you should figure out what they are or what they say. Lyrics: Clogging the phone, Wired dial up it is slow. It takes you three days Just for your iPod to get movies. To get online, You see, It's so slow you go insane. So can we get high, Hi -- Speed, To get on my Facebook page. Maybe my birthday? Won't wait til Thursday! Can we please hurry, Because, yes, our Internet is down. Is it the money, Fifty bucks monthly? Because satellite prices are down, doowwn, dooowwwn. And of course our Internet crashed down! Homework this week Involves us bein online to work nightly. We get away, Vaca, Just for the free Wi-fi, Super8. In email you try to read, But the size is seven megs. Schools block all our sites, proxies, Anything involving games. Internet is fun, okay! This connection's gay. It should be easy. Even my mommy Doesn't want this Internet that's down. Must be the money, Sixty bucks monthly... But cable prices are now going down, doowwn, dooowwwn. Would our Internet stop crashing down! No Wi-fi for the Wii, Or DS's WFC. Down on the computer, It's still at speeds below MB. It's slow, loading screen, I got up to go take a pee, And then when I came back later, Oh man, the screen just closed and freeze! I'm fighting for the world On a battle Xbox Live, Don't it look like we having fun? Yes we were til I woke up. Once we had an air card for four weeks, Got good 3G, AT&T, Until daddy Got rid of it cause its not free. It's not the 90s. Only in my dreams, Please don't remind me, That we have an Internet that's down. Surely the money, Eighty bucks monthly! We're the last, run dial up outta town, oouut of tooowwwn, Because our internet's always down!

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    Catpack Commercial - Keep the Backpack Flippers Away! 01:27

    Catpack Commercial - Keep the Backpack Flippers Away!

    by MacaroniMan17 (1/17/12) 6 views

    Watch on YouTube: This is to celebrate summer; the flipping of the backpacks represent how we are on the other side of our lives now. Does your backpack get flipped because you're too stupid to keep an eye on it? Then get this new Mac A. Ronie, Inc. CATPACK (tm). If someone flips your backpack, it'll jump out and eat their faces! Watch to find out more!!!

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