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    Unknown Universe 4 (Trip Through Space and Time) 06:17

    Unknown Universe 4 (Trip Through Space and Time)

    by Mafiaruss (4/16/08) 4,848 views

    Well, I had to do another one! :) This is my new Unknown Universe video. It is a Beautiful breath taking trip through Space & Time set to the song "Ghost Love Score" by: NightWish which is a favorite Symphonic band of mine. We journey from Earth to beyond the known Universe within Wormholes in space until we pass time itself. Note: I also added the Tardis sounds again at the end of the video for all the Doctor Who fans watching. It gives a feel that this trip was taken via the Tardis. I hope you all love my video. Please rate & Comment. Peace be with us all!

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    Amazing World, Creatures of Wonder! 4

    Amazing World, Creatures of Wonder! 4

    by Mafiaruss (4/16/08) 2,881 views

    This is part 4 of my ongoing series "Amazing World creatures of wonder", and this one has some of the most amazing creatures thus far of all the series parts. These creatures are wonderful, strange, beautiful, weird, and yes even a little scary. One this is for sure, we all live in a world of unknown enigmas of life. I hope you all love this video, I know I loved making it. Please rate, & comments welcome as always. Good journey & peace be with you always! :)

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    Do You Believe 3 - (Unknowns & Enigmas) 05:30

    Do You Believe 3 - (Unknowns & Enigmas)

    by Mafiaruss (4/16/08) 4,278 views

    Part 3 of m* "Do you Believe" Series! Many unknown things in this video. The world we live in, is a world that holds many mysteries yet to be discovered. So many Enigmas out there, & so many wonders. Seek knowledge my friends, & Peace be with you. Please rate, comments welcome, and to all good journey in life!

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    Faces in Smoke: Appearance of the Fallen Angels on 9/11 02:32

    Faces in Smoke: Appearance of the Fallen Angels on 9/11

    by Mafiaruss (4/7/08) 10,661 views

    Creepy ----- supernatural, demons, devil, satan, angels, 911, 911, America, USA, Iraq, Iran, Middle East, West, Western Civilization, biblical, bible, good vs evil, light, darkness, myths, myth, conspiracies, truth, ghosts, spirits, destruction, destroy, twin towers, rebirth, 911, september 11th, lonelygirl15, happyslip, christianity, judaism, islam, buddhism, hinduism, taoism, atheism, nontheist, love, hate, sex, violence, xxx, pg, pg13, 300, greeks, spartans, persians, romans, jews, assyrians, arabs, europeans, democrat, republican, green party, liberal, conservative, independent, anarchy, totalitarianism, fascism, freedom, free, never forget, madrid, mumbai, bombay, egypt, eritrea, ethopia, north africa, south africa, europe, italy, spain, britain, uk, us, love, snl, saturday night live, gma, today show, nbc, cbs, abc, letterman, leno, conan, jimmy kimmel, unnecessary censorship, will ferrel, britney spears, lindsay lohan, parasite hilton, paris hilton, nicole richie, jlo, jennifer lopez, julia roberts, ugly betty, dancing with the stars, steven carrel, daily show, jon stewart, bill oreilly, geraldo rivera, bill maher, keith olbermann, loose change, kiss, jimmy carter, george bush, bill clinton, gerald ford, al capone's vault, mob, mobsters, sopranos, tony soprano, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, love, jenna jameson, jerry springer, ww3, wwiii, world war three, radical, crazy, destroyer, sadness, blades of glory, talladega nights, old school, terrorists, terrorism, future, see, fortune tellers, truth, interesting, nature, gnosticism, christianity, catholicism, evangelical, baptist, methodist, lutherian, protestant, eastern orthodox, oriental orthodox,

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    Gods Of Nibiru 10:10

    Gods Of Nibiru

    by Mafiaruss (2/7/08) 12,103 views

    SUMERIAN HISTORY this is my 3rd video and next video will be about the nephilim,thank you for watching

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    Meet Nibiru 2 10:01

    Meet Nibiru 2

    by Mafiaruss (2/7/08) 18,369 views

    NASA has renamed this planet so many times in an attempt to keep you from the truth about NIBIRU! Will you listen or just be like the other billion Sheeple in the world? RATE THIS VIDEO A 5 AND PLEASE PLACE A COMMENT GOOD OR BAD. GOD BLESS YOU THIS YEAR WITH WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING

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