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    CTV Lying About Why Canadian Idol is Cancelled 07:28

    CTV Lying About Why Canadian Idol is Cancelled

    by Maniaxe (3/4/09) 1,093 views

    This is a documentary I have created saying why I think CTV is lying about why Canadian Idol is cancelled. Here are my sources: Idol Shows: - Germany – South Africa – South Africa - Singapore - Australia – Croatia - Croatian Idol fan site - Bulgaria, NEW JUDGES. – Bulgaria with auditions in Macedonia Skopje Successors to Idol Shows: - X Factor, the replacement for Pop Idol, the FIRST Idol show ever. - One in a Million, the replacement for Malaysian Idol. - Photo of top 12 of One in a Million 2009. I like how it even mentioned American Idol season 8. - The official One in a Million web site. Wikipedia Articles: Singapore Idol, Hrvatska traži zvijezdu (Croatian for "Croatia is searching for a Superstar"), Pop Idol, X Factor, Malaysian Idol, One in a Million (TV series)