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    Weekly Watcher: April 17, 2009 02:29

    Weekly Watcher: April 17, 2009

    by Marveldotcom (4/22/09) 122 views

    Alexa Mendez can't walk around New York City without being reminded of Wolverine! Hear all the news about our favorite member of the X-Men and the rest of your favorite Marvel Heroes in this week's episode of "The Weekly Watcher"!

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    Marvel Hotline: Marvels: Eye of the Camera #1 03:21

    Marvel Hotline: Marvels: Eye of the Camera #1

    by Marveldotcom (4/15/09) 65 views

    15 years have passed since news photographer Phil Sheldon first documented the Marvel Universe in the award winning MARVELS. Now, the series that launched the careers of Alex Ross and Kurt Busiek returns and co-writer Roger Stern calls into Marvel Hotline.

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    Marvel Hotline: Exiles #1 01:59

    Marvel Hotline: Exiles #1

    by Marveldotcom (4/8/09) 77 views

    Our original melting pot of heroes, the Exiles, are back in the Marvel U and writer Jeff Parker has lots to say about it in this week's edition of the Marvel Hotline. Wondering what went down in bringing EXILES #1 to life? Answer the phone to find out! Heroes are being pulled out of the worlds they know- The Beast. The Witch. Panther. Forge. Polaris. All find themselves in a place out of time with a new mission in life. But something seems to have shifted in the mechanics of the universe, things may not be quite what we remember... But one thing we know for certain- BLINK is BACK!

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    Marvel Hotline: The Spectacular Spider-Girl #1 01:35

    Marvel Hotline: The Spectacular Spider-Girl #1

    by Marveldotcom (4/1/09) 319 views

    "Mayday" Parker has returned to the Marvel U! Artist and Spider-Girl co-creator Ron Frenz calls Marvel Hotline this week to discuss the inaugural issue of the digital comic series, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-GIRL! Don't miss the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited launch of THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-GIRL #1 April 15!

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    Weekly Watcher: March 27, 2009 02:19

    Weekly Watcher: March 27, 2009

    by Marveldotcom (4/1/09) 0 views

    Friday has arrived and so has Alexa Mendez with all of this week's Marvel news in the latest edition of the Weekly Watcher! From our Top 70 Comics Countdown to June previews, we have it all! Visit the links below for bonus scoop and start watching!

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    Weekly Watcher: March 13, 2009 02:26

    Weekly Watcher: March 13, 2009

    by Marveldotcom (3/25/09) 55 views

    Oogily boogily! Friday the 13th has arrived and to quell your superstitions, Alexa Mendez brings you this week's news straight from the Marvel Universe! From "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" updates, to streaming video of Japanese "Spider-Man," you can always rely on for all your super hero scoop!

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    Weekly Watcher: March 20, 2009 02:42

    Weekly Watcher: March 20, 2009

    by Marveldotcom (3/25/09) 6 views

    What better way to ring in the first day of Spring than with Alexa Mendez and the latest news straight out of the Marvel U?! From the announcement of our future MMO games to the impending launch of SPECTACULAR SPIDER-GIRL we have lots to share with you this week!

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