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    DVD Backup Tutorial 01:01

    DVD Backup Tutorial

    by Matski007 (7/8/07) 1,375 views

    This quick tutorial will show you how to make a copy of your DVD and burn the movie (without extras and menus) to a dvd resulting in minimal quality loss.

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    Lost On Earth

    Lost On Earth

    by Matski007 (6/24/07) 537 views

    yet another fake trailer, I used Truespace, Photoshop and Adobe Premier and also some great explosion stock footage

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    Creepers 01:04


    by Matski007 (7/10/07) 385 views

    Another kind of fake trailer I made using a variety of tools, including Vue, Truespace and Premier.

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    Code Zero

    Code Zero

    by Matski007 (7/10/07) 1,060 views

    Created using Truespace, Photoshop and Adobe premier I tried to make some kind of fake trailer for a movie. Please Enjoy